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COVID-19 Update


The COVID - 19 outbreak is leading to delivery delays because of the limited number of flights available to ship mail. Our shipping partners have notified us that the orders can take 4-5 weeks or more for delivery.

During these difficult times, we are requesting our customers to allow for some extra time for their delivery. Our warehouse team is working round-the-clock to pack and ship orders as soon as we receive them. However, a steep reduction in flights and local/state lockdowns have slowed down the processing and delivery of mail worldwide.

As a valued customer, your support is vital to us at these difficult times. If you have ordered from us, we request you to be patient and not to cancel your order as the situation is likely to exist until the outbreak is brought under control. Every business is facing difficulties and delays in deliveries due to the pandemic so please bear with us. Your order will be delivered, albeit a bit late.

In case your pet requires a dose urgently, may we suggest that you buy a month's treatment locally whilst you wait for the order placed with us to arrive.

Thank you for your support during these difficult times. Stay Safe!

Need Help? Email us at customerservice@canadapetcare.com