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Activyl for Cats



Activyl Flea Treatment for Cats

Activyl for cats is once a month spot-on flea treatment that kills fleas on the pet’s body and inhibits parasitic growth in the environment. With both adulticidal and larvicidal properties, it kills adult fleas and larvae to prevent re-infestations in cats. A quick-drying and waterproof treatment, Activyl is suitable for eight weeks and older kittens and cats.

Activyl for Cats

Manufactured by Merck Animal Health, Activyl is a powerful flea treatment that kills adult fleas and eliminates flea larvae in cats. The topical treatment with indoxacarb as the active ingredient impedes flea nerve transmission, paralyze fleas and eventually kill them. With larvicidal properties, it attacks the flea life stages and blocks its reproduction thus minimizing flea multiplication.

This odorless treatment is suitable for cats living in heavily infested areas and gives long lasting protection for four weeks.

Key Benefits
  • Fast acting treatment that kills adult fleas within 8 hours of application.
  • Safe for 8 weeks and older kittens and cats.
  • Odorless treatment suitable for heavily infested areas.
  • Waterproof treatment that kills adult fleas and flea life stages thus preventing re-infestations.
Direction of use

Activyl is available in two color-coded packs:

  • Spot-On for kittens Cats and kittens (Rust colored pack) – for kittens weighing between 2-9 lbs
  • Spot-On for cats (Blue pack) – for cats over 9 lbs

Weigh your pet and choose the correct pack. Part the fur at the base of the skull to see the bare skin. Place the tip of opened applicator onto this spot and squeeze out the content.

Allow the applied area to be completely dry. Repeat the treatment every month, if possible then on the same date.

Consult a veterinarian before applying to sick, pregnant and nursing cats. 


Do not use on species other than cats.

Do not treat kittens that are younger than 8 weeks and less than 2 lbs.

Seek veterinarian advice before treating sick, debilitated, pregnant and lactating cats.

Keep away from the pet’s eyes and mouth. Flush eyes with lot of water if the solution enters the eyes accidentally.