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Donna Trahan Asks

Tee Skunk has a large egg shaped ball that came out in front of her right hip within the past yr. She is a bit overweight, has been neutered about 7 yrs now. She gets around very well, jumps on and off the sofa, runs, play fights with my other ShihTzu Kloie. The egg shaped ball is hard, I thought it might be fat because she is overweight. It does not hurt her either. I would like your opinion on this also. Maybe I need to pay more attention on her diet? Or do I need to try to bring her to a local vet? She is 12 yrs old, and I want to try to keep her out of pain but she doesn’t seem to be in any.

Our Vet Replied:

I recommend changing her diet. On the market there are diets available for neutered dogs. Another option would be to administer a diet for weight control. I recommend administering either of these diets only and not feeding your dog anything in addition to this. It is very important that you don’t administer any supplements or recompense to your dog and split the portion in two, giving one in the morning and one in the evening. Every diet has the quantity that you need to give to your dog on the back of the packet but you should reduce the given quantity by 10%. For example, if it says that your dog needs to eat 400g per day you should administer 360g per day.