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Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs & Cats

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Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs & Cats

Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs & Cats
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Avert Bitter Solution for Pets – A Bitterant Solution

Avert is an exceptionally bitter liquid that prevents dogs, cats, birds, and horses from chewing, licking and biting wounds, bandages, biting out stitches and chewing on household objects. Such unpleasant and bitter nature of this liquid discourages most animals from attempting to lick surfaces treated with the product. It is easy to use as it comes in a pack of a pump-spray bottle.

Avert Bitter Solution for Pets

Avert Bitter Solution is specifically designed to discourage pets from licking, chewing, and biting on wounds. It contains a high concentration of denatonium benzoate, one of the most bitter substances. It works as a combination of bitter plants and oils. It is a spray solution which is sprayed on the required surface.  It can be applied as many times as necessary.

Key Benefits
  • Powerful and non-toxic treatment
  • Discourages pets from licking and biting wounds
  • Controls the birds from feather plucking
  • Prevents the horses from crib-biting or wound sucking
  • Bitter in taste
Direction of use


Apply on the affected areas of bird’s plumage or dressing.

Dogs & Cats:

Apply to the areas or surfaces to be protected and repeat as required.


  • To discourage crib-biting, apply to solid surfaces affected.
  • Reapply if the animal starts undesired behavior again.
  • Store it in a cool, dry place below 25 degree Celsius
  • Store away from open flames or excessive heat as it is flammable
  • Keep the container tightly closed
  • Do not spray in the air
  • Wear rubber gloves while administering it
  • Do not spray on soft furnishings( carpets, curtains and couches)
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets
  • Denatonium benzoate with bitter plant extracts
Kyron Labs
Customer Review
Avert Bitter Solution for Dogs & Cats
Avert Bitter Solution
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Avert Bitter Solution
$15.9 USD In stock
Dogs & Cats > Skin & Coat 2020/07/04
Product description: Kyron Avert Solution is an extremely bitter liquid for application to bandages or dressings or around open wounds. Buy Avert Bitter Solution Wound Care Treatment for Pets at best price today.
Controls pets

Effectively controls our dog from biting

Bitter solution

this bitter solution is the best way to control our cat's constant chewing habit.

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