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Comfortis for Dogs

Comfortis Green For Dogs 9 - 18kg (20 - 40lbs)

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Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs

Comfortis for Dogs is first of its kind of chewable flea control pills that kills adult fleas in canines. The beef flavored easy to administer chewables kill fleas for an entire month. These are fast acting chewable tablets for 14 weeks and older puppies and dogs. Being an oral treatment, these chewables save pet parents from any complications related to topical treatment.

Manufactured by Elanco, Comfortis is an oral flea treatment formulated in beef flavored chewable form. The tablets are the fast-acting solution for adult fleas and starts action within 30 minutes of administration. Spinosad, the active ingredient kills fleas by causing a paralytic reaction in their nervous system. The ingredients give full proof protection by entering the bloodstream of the treated pet and kill fleas found on his body.

Spinosad, is an eco-friendly ingredient which kills fleas before they lay eggs. This way it prevents flea multiplication and blocks flea multiplication. Suitable for all breeds of dogs, Comfortis is an absolute flea treatment for 14 weeks and older puppies and dogs with at least 3.3 lbs bodyweight.

Key Benefits
  • Prompt acting flea treatment that starts action within 30 minutes of intake.
  • Convenient to administer, beef flavored chewable are a treat for the pets.
  • Kills fleas before it lays eggs and so prevents re-infestation and flea multiplication.
  • It can be combined other tick or intestinal worm treatments.
  • Eco-friendly treatment that is good for the pet parents.
  • Easy oral treatment that keeps away issues faced in topical treatment.
  • Unlike topical treatments, the effect of oral treatment cannot be washed off after swimming or bathing the pet.
More Information

There are no known contraindications for the use of Comfortis Chewable Tablets. ‘Comfortis’ may be safely used in conjunction with topical tick treatments or collars, as well as with gastrointestinal worm or heartworm treatments used as per label directions.

Direction of use

Comfortis for dogs are available in five different color-coded packs suitable for different weight categories of puppies and dogs. Weigh your pet and choose the appropriate pack.

Please refer the dosage table for details. Give directly in the mouth or mix with the pet’s food or administer just like other tablets.

Keeping the pet empty stomach before the treatment is not necessary. Giving with food is also a correct way of treating the pet with Comfortis.

  • Do not administer to puppies younger than 14 weeks of age.
  • Do not use Comfortis with any other treatment containing Ivermectin as an ingredient. It may give adverse reactions in few sensitive dogs.
  • Consult a veterinarian before giving Comfortis to pregnant and lactating female dogs.
  • Take veterinarian guidance before using Comfortis for epileptic or breeding dogs.
  • Wash hands after administering the chewable.
  • Store at room temperatures between 68-77 °F.