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Coximed for Bird

Coximed 100 Tablets

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Coximed is an excellent oral treatment for the prevention of diseases like Coccidiosis in pigeons. These tablets can be given to pigeons including racing pigeons, young pigeons, and breeding pigeons. Coximed is also recommended for sick pigeons as it aids in faster recovery. This ultimate single-dose treatment helps to control re-infestation.

Coximed for Birds

Coximed is an excellent remedy for treating Coccidiosis in pigeons. The active ingredient present in the product fight against the infection and restores pigeons’ health. When treating a pigeon consider treating all pigeons simultaneously in the same coop to avoid the spread of the infection to other birds. Maintain proper hygiene in pigeon houses to prevent re-infestation. Coximed is safe to administer in pigeons during the breeding season.

Key Benefits
  • Coximed is double strength tablets.
  • It is the safest and most effective treatment against Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors.
  • Just one dose can cure 98% of Coccidiosis in pigeons.
  • It is also highly beneficial for young pigeons, when dosed after weaning.
  • Coximed tablets pack is highly cost-effective when compared to other tablets.  
Direction of use
  • For Racing Pigeons: Administer one tablet to a pigeon once a month during the racing season.
  • For Breeding Pigeons: Administer one tablet to a pigeon once a month during the breeding season.
  • For Young Pigeons: Administer young pigeons with one tablet the day after weaning.
  • For Sick Pigeons: Administer sick pigeons with one tablet and follow treatment after 10 days.
  • In case of severe worm infestations, it is recommended to repeat the dosage after 14 days.
  • Keep out of reach of children and other pet animals.
  • For any complications seen in pigeons due to the tablet dosage, immediately seek your veterinary advice.
  • Do not slaughter pigeons for human consumption within 10 days of Coximed treatment.

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