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Equest Gel Horse Wormer 12.2 gm

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Equest Oral Gel Horse Wormer

Equest Oral Gel is a potent and efficacious wormer for horses. It contains an active ingredient called Moxidectin. It helps to treat and control adult and larval stages of internal parasites in horses and ponies. This is the only wormer that controls all stages of encysted small redworm in a single dose. This is safe to use treatment for foals over 4 months of age, mares, stallions, ponies, and horses. Recommended for pregnant and lactating mares.

It is highly efficient as only 4 single doses are needed for year around bot and roundworm control. Equest has a remarkably long duration of action worming horses for 13 weeks. This active ingredient provides protection to the horses for 2 continuous weeks, thereby preventing re-infection and pasture contamination.

Manufacturer Zoetis
  • Easy to dose syringe paste
  • Treats gastrointestinal worms and bots in horses
  • Highly palatable oral gel
  • Can be used in pregnant and lactating mares
  • For oral administration.
  • One 14.8g syringe contains sufficient gel to treat one 700 kg horse at the recommended dose rate (0.4 mg moxidectin per kg bodyweight).
  • Each graduation on the calibrated syringe delivers sufficient gel to treat 25 kg bodyweight.
  • Use of a scale or weigh tape is recommended to ensure accurate dosing.
  • To avoid overdosing, care should be taken to accurately dose foals, especially low bodyweight foals or young ponies.
  • The recommended dosing interval for the control of small strongyles is 13 weeks.
  • Consult your veterinary surgeon for the appropriate program for your specific needs.
  • Treatment for horses only
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Do not overdose young horses
  • Wash hands after use.
  • Store it in a cool place away from direct sunlight
  • Do not treat the horses meant for human consumption


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Equest Gel for Horse

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Wonderful Gel

Wonderful. Just Wonderful. Great Treatment.

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Equest Gel Rocks

This Equest Gel Is Awesome. Good For Treating Parasites In Horses.

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Best Wormer

It’s The Best Wormer At My Horse Farm. Not Only It’s An Effective Wormer But Also Very Affordable.

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Professional Worm Treatment

Professional Worm Treatment We Have For Our Barn For Bot Control.

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Good Stuff

This Is Much Better Wormer Gel To Be Had Than Others I Guess You Get What You Pay For.

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