HP Skin and Itch Relief for Dogs & Cats

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HP Skin and Itch Relief for Dogs & Cats

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HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief for Dogs & Cats

HomeoPet Skin and Itch Relief is a natural remedy for skin irritations and scratching in dogs and cats. The oral treatment relieves seasonal allergies and promotes healthy skin and coat. It helps to combat symptoms like itching and constant chewing, insect bites including fleas, ticks, etc. It is helpful in treating hot, red, wet, and oozing spot or hot, red, dry and flaky spot frequently accompanied by loss of hair, Licking and gnawing, Seborrhea, dry flaky skin or oily, greasy coat, where ears have build-up and smell like stale cheese. The oral drops help to detoxify the skin from the inside, leaving the coat thick and shiny.

Skin and Itch Relief from the house of HomeoPet is a naturally developed product for skin and coat conditions. It is completely made from natural ingredients such as Pulex Irritans, Rhus Toxicodendron, Staphysagria, Sulphur, Uritica Urens and Graphites. The composition helps to prevent skin allergies caused due to air pollutants. It controls seasonal allergies and improves skin and coat health.

Manufacturer HomeoPet
  • Highly beneficial for dogs and cats having skin allergies
  • Scientifically formulated product that harnesses nature’s healing power
  • Fast acting and non-sedating liquid formula
  • Provides relief from allergies, insect bites and airborne pollutants that cause skin irritations and scratching
  • Detoxifies and promotes skin and coat growth in your pet
  • The liquid preparation can be administered directly into the mouth of a dog or a cat.
  • In case of fussy animals, mix the preparation in food, water or milk.
  • Some pets may be sensitive to odor of alcohol preservative. For such cases, wait for 10-20 minutes for the odor to evaporate from water and food and then administer it to your pet.
  • Use 3 single doses daily to start and cut back with improvement of symptoms to twice daily and eventually once a day.
  • Treatment can be ceased once the symptoms are no longer seen.
  • It may be normal for animals to shake their heads as response to alcohol preservative present in the treatment. 
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • For veterinary use only.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight and away from strong odors.
  • Do not treat pregnant pets without consulting your vet.

Graphites (Black Lead), Pulex Irritans (Common Flea), Rhus Toxicodendron (Poison Oak), Staphysagria (Stavesacre), Sulphur, Urtica Urens (Stinging Nettle).

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HP Skin and Itch Relief for Homeopathic

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Cheryl Moore

Wonder place to shop online & a wonderful product.

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Linda Arnold-Day
Finally! Something that works!

My poor pup has terrible seasonal allergies and we have tried everything... or at least we thought we had. This product works. After only a couple of days, we noticed a difference and now she has stopped the incessant biting and scratching altogether. THANK YOU!

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I Am Impressed

Been Really Very Impressed With This Product.

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Skin And Itch Relief

Incredible Treatment For The Skin.

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Prevents Itching

Excellent Product. Helps Prevent Itching.

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What are possible side effects for cats?
There are no known side affects after using HP Skin And Itch Relief on cats.
| Aug 04, 2022
(17) | (4)
Does this product help with topical yeast?
It promotes temporary relief from seasonal allergies and support for a healthy skin and coat in your pet and may help with scratching, itching, chewing, and hair loss which may restore a thick and shiny coat.
| Jul 21, 2022
(17) | (1)
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