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Ultrum Line-up for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up Spot-on for Large Dogs 44-88 lbs (Yellow)

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2 Pack
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4 Pack
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6 Pack
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Ultrum Line-Up – Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up is a spot-on treatment for dogs that protects them from flea and tick infections. It is fast and reliable means of remedy which protects dogs from parasitic infestations. Besides, it kills adult fleas on contact and is effective for 4 weeks. Ultrum Line-up discourages the development of flea eggs and larvae for up to 5 months after administering the product. It efficiently removes ticks for up to 3 weeks after application.

This product, when given continuously for two months, provides protection for a maximum of 2 months against biting fleas and prevents the rest of the life stages of the flea from developing into adult fleas for a maximum of 10 months. The continuous two-month dosage protects dogs from ticks for a maximum of 6 weeks.

Ultrum Line-Up for Dogs

Ultrum Line-up contains two active ingredients, Permethrin and Pyriproxifen. Permethrin is an insecticide that protects the dogs from fleas, ticks, mites, etc. It paralyzes the nervous system of the parasites and stops the fleas from biting the dogs. Pyriproxifen, on the other hand, is a pesticide that regulates the growth of an insect and prevents flea larvae from developing into adult fleas. This formula combining both the active agents helps in prevention of dogs against flea and tick infestations.

Key Benefits
  • Comes in a pack of two treatments
  • Works on fleas for 4 weeks and on ticks for 3 weeks
  • Suitable for puppies above 6 weeks of age
  • Eliminates biting fleas and prevents infections from flea larvae
  • Contains an Insect Growth regulator (IGR) that provides protection against the complete life cycle of fleas
Direction of use
  • Twist off the top of the tubule.
  • Start by applying at the neck between the shoulder blades.
  • Part the hair and then apply to skin against the line of the hair.
  •  Continue down to the base of the tail.
  • For large dogs, it is required to use two tubules, applying content of one tubule from the base of the neck to a mid-point along the back and the second tubule content from the mid-point to the base of the tail.
  • Allow the solution to dry naturally.
  • Store below 25 degree Celsius
  • Keep away from the reach of pets and children
  • Try to avoid ingestion of this topical treatment by your dog. If ingested accidentally, immediately take him to a vet
  • Do not use on cats
  • Do not use on puppies who are less than 6 weeks of age
  • Avoid treating lactating female dogs with this remedy
  • Permethrin
  • Pyriproxifen
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