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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs
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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray – Long lasting Flea Treatment for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray is an effective and prolonged treatment to against flea and tick infestations in dogs. It is a fast acting spray, which works immediately and kills all the fleas within 24 hours. Besides, it kills fleas as soon as they come in contact with it. The product also eliminates the flea eggs and larvae for over 3 months. The 100ml pack approximately provides 3-5 applications on small dogs, depending on the type of the coat. While the 200ml pack gives approximately 2-4 applications on large dogs depending on the size of the dog as well as the coat.

Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs

Ultrum Ultimate fast relief spray for dogs consists of Permethrin, Ex-bioallethrin, Pyriproxifen, and Piperonyl butoxide as their active ingredients. These elements together provide relief and protection to the dogs from scratching and itching. Adult fleas hatched from pupae treated with this spray are very weak and so are eliminated very soon. The formula of this spray prevents the larvae from developing into adult fleas and breaks the flea life cycle. It is safe for puppies and dogs to apply and roam in sunlight as it eliminates fleas, flea eggs, larvae, and ticks from the body.

Key Benefits
  • Quick acting and a long lasting spray
  • Effective remedy against flea and tick infestations
  • Safe to use on puppies above 7 weeks of age
  • Provides 3 weeks protection against fleas
  • Eliminates flea eggs and larvae
Direction of use
  • Wear gloves before application on the dog's coat and skin.
  • The pump spray delivers approximately 1.4 ml of solution with each pull of the trigger.
  • Wet the coat right down to the skin by ruffling the dog's coat as you spray, thus exposing the skin.
  • Never spray near the facial regions. To avoid this, you can spray some solution on a cloth and then apply it on the skin/coat of the dog.
  • The spray dries quickly but leaves a film, which imparts a slight shine to the dog's coat.
  • Let the solution dry naturally.
  • Repeat this treatment every 3-4 weeks, especially in warm and humid conditions.
  • Keep away from the reach of pets and children
  • For external use only
  • Do not spray near open flames
  • Do not use on cats
  • Store away from food and feed
  • Avoid spraying near facial regions
  • Wash your hands after administration
  • Permethrin
  • Pyriproxifen
  • Es-bioallethrin
  • Piperonyl butoxide
Kyron Labs
Customer Review
Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray for Dogs
Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray
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Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray
$21.03 USD In stock
Dogs > Flea & Tick Control 2020/04/10
Product description: Ultrum Ultimate Dog Tick & Flea Spray kills ticks and fleas on contact and eliminates 100% of fleas in 24 hours. Buy Ultrum Ultimate Flea Spray Flea & Tick Treatment for Dog at best price with free shipping.
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We made it up in controlling flea infestations with this spray

Eliminates fleas

An efficient and excellent working treatment that kills not only adult fleas but also get rid of those flea-infestations. I use it on my pooch on a regular basis and secure my pet from any disease!

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