CanadaPetCare Reviews : Happy Customer Reviews on Social Media

Great businesses are great because they don’t primarily focus on making huge turnovers. Instead, they create a huge turn-around in society and uplift the quality of living of the people. Canada Pet Care started its journey 7 years back with a vision to bring a positive change in the lives of beloved pets and their […]

National Cat Day

5 Ways to Celebrate National Cat Day

  National Cat Day refers to the event which is celebrated every year on October 29th with the main objective of raising awareness about the plight of our furry munchkins. Cats are forced to battle ill-treatment, abandonment and utter neglect at the hands of humans, the species who they love and adore the most. Famous […]


How to Keep Your Dog Safe from Summer Heat Waves

With the heat wave undiminishing, and temperatures rising gradually, a deep concern is seen in pet owners regarding their pet’s health due to the prevailing hot summer. The hot temperatures play a terrific role in hampering and deteriorating the health conditions of pets when they are not taken care off. Though most pet owners are […]

Baldness and Dermatosis in Dogs - CanadaPetCare

Hormonal Baldness and Dermatosis In Dogs

  We never knew lack of reproductive hormones could even make dogs bald. But it is true. Dermatosis – a skin condition without inflammation can emanate due to an imbalance of reproductive hormones. These hormones regulate hair growth in dogs and any disturbance in their production thus leads to poor appearance, dull coat and hair […]

Acute Diarrhea in Dogs : Symptoms And Treatments

  Diarrhea is a sudden onset of loose stools that are watery and at times can contain heavy amounts of mucus due to intestinal infection. Hookworms, tapeworms or whipworms when present in the intestines of the dogs, can damage its walls resulting in bloody stools.  Other very common reasons for diarrhea in dogs are – […]

5 Most Common Human Treatment that Are Poisonous to Dogs and Cats

5 Most Common Human Treatment that Are Poisonous to Dogs and Cats

  It’s quite natural to feel the misery of your pet when they fall sick. You might get tangled in your emotions and try to treat your dog yourself by giving them human medication. While your level of care for your dog is admirable, there is also a high possibility that taking matters into your […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer.

7 Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

  You may be wondering about the possible ways to guard your pet against the scorching heat of the summer. Well! The hot season is not just only about the hot air. It is also the season of beaches and barbeque evenings. With few precautions and measures, you can enjoy the summer to its fullest […]

Why Spending Time With Your Pet Is So Important?

Spending a quality time with one’s pet is one of the defining values of the pet parenting. Yet over the years, there has been a considerable decline in the time given to a pet by the pet owner. The reason often cited is busy schedule and the internet age we all are living in. As […]

Top 3 Behavioral Problems in Cats and How to Tackle Them?

  We love our feline friends. We love their expressions and the way they carry themselves. However, similar to humans and other animals, cats can also develop behavioral problems ranging from litter box issues, aggression, fight over territory, urine marking, to scratching and chewing excessively. These behavioral issues in cats occur due to various factors […]