Most Helpful First Aid Hacks for Your Pet Emergencies

Most Helpful First Aid Hacks for Your Pet Emergencies

When emergencies occur to any of your family member, you usually know what you need to do and take care of. But, what about pets? Have you ever faced any critical situation where you were in such a haywire position that you didn’t know what to do next? So, let’s be prepared and learn in […]

5 Helpful Tips to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

5 Tips to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Bringing in a new pet is an awesome experience. However, it’s not so easy to just get them into your home and think that they would be adjusted to your home décor easily. If you are very much concern about your home interior and don’t want that mess in the house then you need to […]

Pets or Netflix

Quarantine Period: What Do People Prefer – Netflix or Pets?

Coronavirus pandemic has made our lives topsy-turvy leading to a new change and bringing in a NEW NORMAL. Recently, a short study has been conducted by a famous animal healthcare foundation. It reveals that the 74% of pet owners would rather love to be with their furry companions compared to binge watching NETFLIX. Similarly, for […]

Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale – Discounts, Offers and Crazy Deals on Pet Supplies!

Get all prepped up, because Cyber Monday is almost here! This is the day where you can purchase as many products as you can without worrying about going over your budget. Cyber Monday is for all those techno-savvy consumers who love online shopping. Besides, if you have furry pals at home, you’ll need to be […]

pet parents

What Kind Of Pet Parent Are You?

Everyone is aware of different breeds of dogs. However, have you ever wondered what kind of dog parent are you? Every pet parent has a different technique for raising their furry buddy. Some prefer to keep their dogs active and on their toes while others would rather just sit and chill with their furry pals. […]

Halloween Sale

No Tricks, Only Treats On This Halloween At CanadaPetCare- Get 12% OFF On All Pet Supplies!

With different natural shades of orange, yellow, and golden of fall, there also comes a day when your home gets camouflaged with the nature. That day is Halloween, when the lantern and bonfires glow yellow, pumpkins exude an orange tinge and the bobbling apples throw their red. This day of trick and treating is celebrated […]

6 Hidden Dangers Of Obesity In Cats

Are you really confident of the fact that your kitty is not overweight? It has been researched and found that obesity is regarded to be one of the most challenged problems in dogs and cats of first world countries. It has been statistically proven that approximately more than 50% of cats and dogs are obese […]

This Columbus Day Pet Supplies Discount Deals Will Make Pets Yappy

Columbus Day is a great occasion to explore the deep hidden love for your furry pal. What better way to make him feel special than to give him a gift that will make him feel loved. Yes, pets are life of pet owners and they complete your world and so this Columbus Day is an […]