5 Animals That Make Perfect Pets for Kids

Having a pet is an awesome feeling. And nowadays, in most households, you will find at least one pet, especially in those houses that have kids. Pets have become a must-have because they not only liven up our lives but also teach us a lot of important things (such as empathy, responsibility, and loyalty), which can also be very beneficial during the kid’s development phase.

13 ODD Human First Aid Items – Part of Pet’s First Aid Kit

Every pet owner wants their pets to be safe and happy. Whether you are handling a serious health issue or a minor one, it’s important that you are aware of it and well prepared about it. One of the most crucial things that is required for pet care is a proper first aid kit. A […]

How To Treat A Cut Or A Wound On Your Pet?

Just like your children, your furry friends especially puppies are more prone to cuts and wounds. Taking care of pooch’s scratches and cuts are quite different from treating the same in humans. It mainly depends on the severity of the wounds. Whenever it happens, in case of minor wounds, you can very well handle it […]

4 Home Remedies To Treat Paw Injuries In Dogs

There is no particular season for dog paw injury and that is the toughest thing to deal as a dog owner. During winters, dog paws get injured as a result of ice on sidewalks and roads. While in summers, the dog cuts are seen from metal lawn edging and barbed wires on old ranch properties. […]

Wound Care Treatment Tips for Cats

It has been observed that kittens and cats usually get hurt quick easily. Cats have a tendency to hop, bounce and play, hence, there is a lot of vulnerability to cuts, punctures and wounds. But the most important thing for a cat owner is to take care of the furry companion before the situation gets […]