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The cold months can be very challenging not only for humans but for pets like cats as well. Though cats have a thick protective layer of fur, it does no good when the temperatures drop down drastically. Thus, it becomes essential for pet parents to pay heed to their furry buddies and try their best to keep them safe and warm during harsh conditions.

Tips to Keep Cats Safe and Warm During Cold Conditions

Below are some essential safety tips that will help you keep your kitty safe and warm during the winter months. Read through them all, and do not forget to share them with your neighbors and friends, who like you have pets.

#1. An Upgrade to the Bedding

Before winter rolls in, it is important to upgrade your feline’s bedding. It will sure get colder during the cold months, which is why getting a warm blanket for your cat is a must. Apart from that, add more warm fabrics to your pet’s bedding to make it a lot warmer.

#2. Bedding Placement

During winters, we all crave for the sun so that we feel warm. Pets like cats love that too, which is why a change is needed. Placing your feline’s bedding in an area where direct sunlight falls is advisable. This will aid in keeping your furry munchkin warm.

#3. Limit Outdoor Activities

If you have an outdoor cat, then keeping him in can be a tough task, but it must be done. Moreover, limiting your cat’s outdoor activities is necessary because more time spent outside in the cold, the more harmful it can get for your pet. Also, your cat may succumb to frostbites if they’re out for too long. Besides, if you do want to take your cat out for a few minutes, make sure her feet and fur are well-protected before stepping out.

#4. Always Bang Your Car Hood Before You Drive

You may not know this, but some cats tend to seek warmth in car engines. They curl up near the engine to warm their cold bodies. Thus, before you take your car for a spin, always bang the hood of your car and wait for a few minutes. The loud thud will alert the cat and give her ample time to scurry away.

#5. Keep Treatment Ready

Wound treatments such as Dermavet, Wound Gard, or Dermaclens should be kept in handy, in case your feline pal requires the same. It is during such cold climates that a majority of cats are wounded and injured, and they can quickly be treated with the help of the mentioned treatments.

As you can see, it does not take much to help your cat stay safe and warm during the cold winter months. They need you to look after them, and we know for sure that you will do anything to protect your munchkins.

Pet Safety Tips for Winter & Cold Weather


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.