CanadaPetCare March Sale 2022

You never intentionally attach yourself to a dog; you are attached automatically to its cuteness and loyalty. I know they are the best creatures that you love the most and never want to spend your day without his charm and intensive playful energy. But what if he is affected by a deadly disease named Ehrlichiosis. Let’s understand what it is and how to cure it. What is Ehrlichiosis? Ehrlichiosis is a tick-borne infection caused to…

Flea, Ticks & Heartworm Treatment for dogs 2022

Summer belongs to parasites. Fleas, ticks and worms pose a great threat to our dear animal companions. So we always need to be on our toes to keep these nuisances away from our pets. Buying different kinds of treatments for different parasites isn’t the best of solutions; instead we need to choose a treatment that can effectively safeguard our pets against these blood-suckers.