Can a Dog’s Tail Tell a Tale?

A dog’s tail does tell a tale. Dogs express their emotions through their body language and their tail plays a major role in it. The position of a dog’s tail indicates what he’s feeling. As a pet parent, it’s vital for you to pick up on the little signs to know what your pet is going through.

Unacceptable Manners: Solutions To Behavioral Concerns In Dogs

When a dog is brought to a new home, it’s your responsibility to take good care and train them well. Set routines for him to follow to get accustomed to your life. To avoid any chaotic situation that might occur in the future, stay home for a few days initially. This change may cause changes […]

5 Major Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pup Raised Outside

When looking for buying a puppy for your family, make sure that you get your puppy from a seller who has given enough training and has been socialized from a very early life. This helps the puppy you adopt to easily get accustomed with your family and indoors. Puppies that have been raised outside with […]

5 Cost-effective Ways to Save Money on Dog Training

Every dog owner dreams of giving professional training to his furry pal. But not many can afford to do that. The reason for that is you need to spend lots of $$ on a range of classes. It is also very difficult to find the right trainer who can train your doggy without compromising on […]

Tricks To Keep Your Solo Hound Busy

Mostly, pet owners have to leave their pet home alone. At this time, furry pal can get bore and find a way to occupy the time that can be destructive to your furniture, clothes and even sometimes try to harm himself. To deal this situation, here are some great suggestions to entertain and keep your […]

Tips To Choose The Perfect Collar And Lead For Your Pooch

When we choose to parent a canine, we accept each and every responsibility that comes with that decision. The smallest of concerns should be given a good amount of thought before you go for it. For instance many of the pet owners might be choosing collars and leads randomly, or say by the decoration of […]

Dog Trainer- Make Sure about these 3 things Before You Choose One!

Dogs and puppies fill our lives with love and happiness. They are the pawed angels that seem to know everything about us and have walked with us from centuries. Before dogs got tamed to live with our civil society, they were one wild clan expert in hunting. The interference of our training has brought their […]