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Every dog owner dreams of giving professional training to his furry pal. But not many can afford to do that. The reason for that is you need to spend lots of $$ on a range of classes. It is also very difficult to find the right trainer who can train your doggy without compromising on quality. Irrespective of whether you have a rowdy puppy or an older dog with some undesirable behaviors, you might have thought of booking private, in-house sessions with a professional trainer. But it can be very expensive. In case, the hourly rates of the dog trainer are way beyond your budget do not worry. There are certain ways you can avail professional help on any budget.

Let us look at these ways to save money on dog training:

Enroll In A Semi-Private Training

semi training - CPC

If one-on-one training fees are something that you cannot afford, ask the dog trainer to offer semi-private training sessions at a reasonable price. This can be done by teaming with a friend, neighbor or a fellow client having similar goals for his tyke. Going semi-private is one route to knocking off couple hundred bucks off a trainer’s private fees. The advantage of this training is that your doggy can learn alongside another human-dog team, which gives a competitive spirit to learn more. The other benefit is that due to the intimate setting you can get due attention from the trainer. The last benefit of this type of training is that dogs and people who feel anxious around a large group setting do not have to attend the training in a noisy classroom.

Enroll In Classes

Enroll in class - CPC

If you and your furry companion do not mind learning alongside other pups it is one of the most economical ways to engage with a trainer. Most dog trainers charge less for classes than private training sessions or semi-private sessions. The other benefit of this type of training is that the dog can learn from a bigger group setting to socialize with both dogs and human beings. It is also a great way for him and you to make new friends while strengthening your camaraderie. It even aids in developing a competitive spirit amongst other classmates. Although you do not get undivided attention from the trainer all the time, there are certain trainers who make rounds to ensure that each team is following the one-on-one instruction. It also provides an opportunity to learn from other classmates and learn from their successes.

Subsidized Training

Dog Subsidized Training

If the pooch that you are trying to train is a rescue, you may qualify for discounts on training courses which makes it an affordable option. There are certain large humane societies that provide on-site classes at a curtailed price for alumni. Often smaller rescues have good relationships with these local trainers. Verify whether your dog measures up for a rescue discount and save that spare cash for training treats.

Seminars & Workshops

Dog Workshop

If you are not keen on enrolling your dog for a six-week course, then a one-time seminar or workshop is a great way to get expert advice on dog training in a day’s time. These seminars and workshops are highly affordable usually in double digits. Certain seminars and workshops enable dogs and humans to attend while others permit only people. It depends on the trainer and the topics covered. These seminars and workshops enable trainers to provide one-time lessons from basic obedience to leash work and reliable recall. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to get face-to-face time with a trainer and learn some training tips from him.

Check Free Online YouTube Lessons On Dog Training

If you do not have enough cash to avail any of the options mentioned above, do not worry. You do not have to put your dog training on hold. Instead, open YouTube and check out more great videos by trainers available online. There are videos on dog training from basic leash manners to hind-ear awareness. You can even learn about how to get your dog to ring the doorbell. But it is always better to check the dog trainer’s website before implementing the training techniques mentioned in the video. Some of the popular dog professional channels are Victoria Stilwell or Zak George. Also look for online videos from any local trainers. If the training techniques specified in the video works you can take your doggy to them for in-person classes at reasonable rates.

So, which of these tips are you going to follow to save money on dog training?


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.