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With Halloween right around the corner, if you’re also exhilarated about coming up with a unique Halloween costume that will make your dog stand out from the crowd, we’ve got something for you here.

This Halloween, let your dog put you in the spotlight!

We’ve put together some of the trendiest DIY Halloween costumes for your dogs that you can couture easily at home. Check out our super-creative collection in this article.

But, Before We Start…                                                                    

Well, it is pretty easy to make any Halloween costume from our collection if you follow the step-by-step process, but here are a few things you should keep in mind before you embark on making one for your beloved pooch.

[Infographic] 10 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Before selecting your dog’s Halloween costume, it is imperative to consider their comfort level first. Some dogs happily wear whatever fancy costumes you want them to wear, ranging from jackets to full-body jumpsuits. On the other hand, some fussy dogs will be better off with a simple Halloween collar or a tie. Also, make sure you use soft, lightweight materials while making the costume so that your dog feels comfortable all the time.

Also, before the dress-up day arrives, make sure you desensitize your dog to wearing that costume to make sure everything goes right on Halloween!

Cute DIY Halloween Costumes for Dogs

1. Easy Dinosaur Costume

  • Skills required: Hot gluing
  • Materials you’ll need: Foam sheets, old shirt or dog sweater, cardboard paper, glue gun, scissors


DIY: Take an old t-shirt or an old sweater of your dog. Cut some dinosaur flaps out of a colored cardboard paper and attach them to the fabric to give the costume a dinosaur-like look. It is a no-sew costume, so you can just stick the flaps using hot glue.  The easiest and cutest costume is ready to fit your dog!

2. Scary Ghost Costume

  • Skills required: None!
  • Materials you’ll need: A white piece of cloth big enough to cover your dog, scissors


DIY: Ready to scare everyone off? Take a white piece of cloth. Draw three circular openings for your pet’s eyes and nose on the cloth with the help of a pencil and then cut them out with the help of scissors. Now simply put that cloth around the dog to give him a ghostly appearance!

3. Pinata Pet Costume

  • Skills required:  Gluing
  • Materials you’ll need:  Old dog sweater, colorful crepe paper or tissue papers, glue gun, scissors

Easiest DIY Halloween Costumes

DIY: Find an old dog sweater. All you have to do is to glue fringed strips of colorful crepe papers or tissue papers using a glue gun. And, your dog is ramp-ready!

4. Tie Pet Costume

  • Skills required: Tying a tie knot!
  • Materials you’ll need: A classy tie


DIY: This costume is just an old-tie away! Just take out one of your best picks out of your tie collection and tie it comfortably around your dog’s neck to give your dog a simple yet classy look. On Halloween night, your handsome is undoubtedly going to get a few dates!

5. Pet Bride and Groom Costume

  • Skills required: None!
  • Materials you’ll need: Tulle or costume veil, costume bow-tie or ribbon/felt to make your own, ribbon, glue


DIY:  A costume that will make everyone go awww! You can recreate a bride/groom’s look by simply utilizing tulle affixed to a collar for a bride’s veil or adding a homemade or costume bow-tie to a groom’s collar. Especially if you’re short of time, this can be the best last-minute Halloween look for your dog!

6. Flower Pet Costume

  • Skills required: Basic sewing or hot gluing
  • Materials you’ll need: Fabric /cardboard for petals, an old fabric neck-collar, scissors

Flower Pet Costume

DIY:  This will make your pet look the sweetest of all! Cut a few petals out of an old fabric or a colorful cardboard paper and attach them around the neck collar. Put the collar around your pet’s neck and turn your dog into a freshly-bloomed flower!

Final Words

That was our list of fancy, easy, trendy and creative DIY Halloween costumes for dogs that you can easily make at your home!

If you can’t manage to make one for your pet this year due to some reason or the other, you can simply buy a spooky, fancy ready-made costume one online.

Some of The Most Trending Dog Costumes For Halloween 2021


Thirsty for more? Check out these trending costumes:

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  • Cowboy Rider Costume
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  • Teddy Bear Suit
  • Panda Costume
  • Despicable Me’ Minion, etc….

So, whether you make your dog’s Halloween costume on your own or you decide to buy one of the trendy ones online, don’t forget to click a lot of snaps before your dog rips it off!


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.