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The term “Generics” when used in reference to pharmaceutical products, indicates a product that is identical or comparable to the brand name product in strength, dosage, administration, and performance. It has the same active ingredients in the same quantity and so has same use and similar efficacy. The best part about these pet product is that they come with a much lower price tag then the branded version. Nuheart is a generic version of Heartgard, a well-known heartworm prevention for dogs.

Similarities and differences between Heartgard and Nuheart

Heartgard Nuheart
Manufacturer: Merial Manufacturer: Pharmachem, Australia
Active ingredient: Ivermectin Active ingredient: Ivermectin
Large sized chewables with beefy flavor Small sized tablets with beefy flavor
Available in chewable form which are taken as treat by the pet Tablets are water soluble so easy to administer to pets disliking doses
Branded pet care product that costs higher than Nuheart Generic version of Heartgard and thus is cheaper in cost
Monthly heartworm treatments Monthly heartworm treatments
May not suit Ivermectin sensitive border collie dogs May not suit Ivermectin sensitive border collie dogs

The global animal health company Merial manufactures Heartgard while Nuheart is its generic version manufactured by Pharmachem, a renowned animal health company in Australia. Being a product of one of the most coveted Australian companies, Nuheart guarantees high manufacturing standards. They appear in small-sized pills contradicting to Heartgard, which are large sized heartworm preventive pills. As the size is tiny, it is very easy to administer Nuheart tablets to the pet.

Apart from the smaller size, Nuheart tablets also have beefy flavor just like Heartgard Plus chewables. The flavored tablets thus make the treatment very easy as the pets take it as a treat. Unlike Heartgard chewable, Nuheart tablet is soluble pill that can be dissolved in water and mixed with the pet’s wet food. This works best for tricking those dogs that run away at the sight of the treatment. This way, with Nuheart on board heartworm prevention, becomes as easy as a pie.

Technically speaking, since Nuheart is manufactured in Australia, you do not have to pay for extra sales tax and thus you get it at a much cheaper rate than Heartgard. Moreover, Nuheart is one of the most popular heartworm treatments in Australia as the Australian Veterinary Medicines Authority approves it. It provides full proof of protection against the larval stages of the heartworms in dogs for an entire month. It has no effect on adult heartworms and so, works best as a preventive.

Now, as the active ingredient Ivermectin is same in Heartgard and Nuheart, it is very clear that if the former does not suit your pet then there is no point giving the latter as well. Again, it is may not be suitable for Ivermectin sensitive Border Collie dogs. Thus, it is recommended to check with your vet about the sensitivity of your pet towards the ingredients of Nuheart prior to starting the treatment. Ingestion by a human is highly poisonous and so, sterilizing hands after giving pills to the pet is a must.

Buy Nuheart Generic Heartgard

To sum up, Heartgard and its generic version Nuheart Generic Heartgard are highly reliable heartworm preventives. Choosing any of the two would serve same purpose. So, if you suspect heartworms infestation then check out any of these tablets and give your pet the best heartworm treatment.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.