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Forgot to give your dog monthly heartworm preventive? Find here about facts you need to know when you miss giving heartworm pill to your pooch.

This is the most common question that usually most pet parents often ask to their vet that what they should do if they missed a dose of heartworm pill. And should they administer any other pill prior testing their pet for heartworm disease. The answer to this most common question is “NO.” Mostly heartworm preventives protect your furry pals from heartworm infection for 30 days. It is necessary to treat pets with heartworm control products every month for complete protection. Because of this, pet owners presume to administer the pills every month on the same date. However, certain prevention treatments like Heartgard defend pets for almost 60 days.

If your pet misses more than 2 doses in 6 months, then before starting the next dose, take him for the heartgard plus test to your vet. Moreover, you need to restart the treatment from starting along with annual vet exam for saving pet from dreadful heartworm infection. Normally, it takes at least 6 months for a pet to become seropositive on blood tests after being infected by heartworm larvae through mosquito bite. Therefore, in case you have missed heartworm preventive for more than 6 months, it is best to have the blood test first for heartworm infection before resuming the administration of the treatment.

Another most common question that comes from pet parents is: does heartworm preventives are expensive?

No, when purchased from the right pet supplier, heartworm prevention treatments are not so costly. We can say that not as costly as it costs to treat pets for heartworm disease. Many vets say that heartworm preventives are too costly so most pet parents ignore of treating their furry pals for prevention. There are numerous online pet care agencies that offer cost effective heartworm prevention treatments. is one such pet care supplier that offers an exclusive range of branded heartworm preventives at discounted rates. These authentic heartworm treatments are easy to buy at affordable prices.


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