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Most of you will agree that having a pet is bliss. The unconditional animal brings in an environment of joy even in your sad times. He can be someone with whom you can have a soul to soul conversation. She will not be a complain box unlike other human friends and will stay with you in every thick and thin. Dogs and cats are the favorite domesticated animals. But, choosing between the two as a pet is tricky. It takes certain personality traits to like a specific species of pet.

Let’s Check Out Whether You Are a Cat Person or Dog Person:

Dog Persons:

Studies have suggested that dog persons are far more accepting than cat lovers. They are extroverts who indulge in sports, games, exercise. They are more dominating yet agreeable than the cat people. It is also found they are more disciplined who like achievements. They are more organized individuals than the spontaneous ones. They like outdoor activities and are more playful than other pet lovers.

Cat Persons:

Cat people are more eccentric and neurotic. They are less sociable compared to dog people. They are also passive with their moods. Just like felines, cat people also like to be aloof, which is a contradicting characteristic to dog people who enjoy the company of others. Cat lovers do not have an urge to dominate, most of them remain placid and cool. They are unaggressive, shy, modest and self-contained.

Comparison Between the Two:

1. Acceptance:

Dog people have more acceptances towards other species of pets. Nearly 70% of dog owners show positive reaction to admitting a cat as their pet. This trait is hard to find in cat people. Two thirds of cat lovers refuse to accept a dog as a pet.

2. Warmth and Trust:

Dog lovers are expressive about their emotions when compared to cat lovers. Cat people show more trust than canine friendly people do. They are less on showing their emotions and remain grounded.

3. Dominance:

Those who have dog as a pet are often found more dominant than the cat friendly people are. They like to prove their point and want to show off their achievements. People with cats as pets like to remain unruffled.

4. Social Behavior:

Dogs are pack animals. They like to be in a group, share things, getting attention and responding back. Dog lovers thus show more signs of social belongingness. Cat is identified as an aloof creature who likes her space. Their owners also show less social compatibility.


This way, we come to know about the personality difference between canine and feline loving people. Just check yourself whether you show the dog lover traits or the cat lover mindset. These pointers would be a great help in figuring out whether you are a cat person or a dog person. Check out whether your personality matches with the pet species or not and then choose as per your gut feeling.

To sum up, apart from everything, studies suggest that having a pet (cat or dog) adds a certain level of tranquility in your life. Pets add happiness to the owner’s life. So, whatever be your choice, a mewing kitty or a cuddling puppy or both, you are absolutely on a profitable side. Only one precaution is to choose a pet as per your time, family environment and children of the house in mind.

It is always pleasant to wake up, run around and live with a cute furry friend who promises to be with you for the rest of your life. Isn’t it?


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.