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Pets are no doubt the abode of love and a limitless source of ever-flowing love. At no point you would like to miss an opportunity to keep them on top with good health. However, the daunting reality for pet owners is the vet bills when something goes wrong with their furry pals. And, you always look around to save a buck on bills along with ensuring their optimal health.

Luckily, this can be well attained by following a few steps whenever you are planning to bring in a new pet or you are already a pet parent.

Ways To Save Money On Vet Bills

Practice Safety and Keep First Aid in Handy At Home

Whether you have an active healthy dog or looking to bring a new pup in your house, you need to work towards their safety. Revamp your house such that there are no corners or open ends that can hurt your furry pal. Ensure that you keep your floors dry to avoid any accidents due to wet floors. Keep all sharp items away in the cupboard and never leave any human medications unattended in presence of your pet. Though you might have trained your dog to not touch things, their natural curiosity may sometimes put them into danger. Keep away toxic plants and other small items out of their reach. It is always wiser to make sure that your home is a safe abode for your pet when you are not around.

Additionally, always keep pet first aid kit in handy. This is significantly useful whenever your pet has a got some minor injury or got a cut, burn, bruise or a wound. Your pet’s First Aid kit should always contain cotton gauze, scissors, antiseptic cleansing lotion, anti-microbial cream and bandages. Refill the pouch, whenever the items are over.

Maintain Optimal Dental Health

A poor dental hygiene can put your pooch to dangers of health conditions related to heart, lungs and kidneys. A bad breath is a sign of number of health issues. It causes lot of discomfort for your dog. So, regular brushing with Pet Dent Toothpaste helps to control dental diseases in pets. Ensure to take your pet to regular dental checkup in order to prevent gum issues.

Feed Healthy Diet and Health Treats

Low quality food may help you save a little but in a long run, it can always take a huge burden on your pet’s health as well as your pocket. Ensure to provide healthy dog diet which is a balanced diet. According to vets and pet professionals, high-quality diet bring in a wide range of health benefits, from better health to decreased old age conditions like joint pain in elder dogs. Moreover, adding supplements, diet treats are highly rewarding such as add-ons leads to glossier skin, lustrous coat and white teeth as well as fewer digestive problems in your dog.

Maintain Regular Vet Visits

Most times pet owners ignore the importance of regular vet visits. With a thought to save a few bucks, they don’t schedule regular check-ups for their dogs, and in a long run it ends up into diseases which could have been prevented. Many times a chronic disease may develop which might be diagnosed later resulting into huge vet bill.

Henceforth, a regular check-up can help to save money in a long run. Necessary vaccinations, advice for precautionary advice for chronic diseases, diagnosis for heartworms will keep your pet healthy and happy as well as save extra for you.

Parasitic Management Program

This is the best way to protect your pet against unwanted parasitic infestations. Fleas, ticks, worms and heartworms are the most common parasites that always attack pets. Following an effective parasitic management program can bring in huge benefits for both you and your pet. Your pet’s parasitic management program should include:

Monthly flea and tick treatment

such as nexgard, frontline plus or program plus

Regular worm control

such as cestem, droncit or drontal plus

Monthly heartworm preventive

such as heartgard plus, milbemax or

RSPCA heartworm tablets

So, just don’t wait for your furry pal to suffer but work towards the better health and give them a healthy life.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.