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During summers, fleas and ticks are a major cause of concern for both cats and dogs. Hence, every pet owner gets relevant flea and tick preventative treatments for their pets that can get rid of the irritation caused by these pesky parasites. But there are certain dog flea and tick preventive treatments that can be harmful to your cat. There are two common ways cats get sick from flea and tick products for dogs:

1. The pet owner smears a dog-only flea and tick preventative product to the cat not realizing it is dangerous.

2. The pet owner applies the treatment as directed, but soon after the application the dog comes in contact with a cat.

Topical Products That Are Safe For Cats

Topical or spot-on treatments are one of the most popular products available. There are certain treatments that are safe for cats let us look at them:

  • Flea and tick products containing Fipronil including the brand Frontline is available over the counter and is extremely safe for cats if you purchase cat-specific product.
  • Products consisting of Selamectin including the brand Revolution can be purchased only after getting veterinarian prescription and is extremely safe for cats.
  • Products containing Imidacloprid including the brand Advantage can be assessed over the counter and is safe for cats if you purchase the cat version of the product and not dog version.

Topical Products That Are Not Safe For Cats

There are certain flea and tick products that contain Permethrin encompassing brand names like K9 Advantix and Activyl Tick Plus which are extremely toxic for cats.

Flea & Tick Collars That Are Not Safe For Cats

Most of the dog flea and tick collars available in the market consists of permethrin that assists in repelling insects. But they are extremely poisonous for cats. Collars like Scalibor and Preventic are recommended only for dogs and not for cats as they are extremely lethal on the lives of cats.

Oral Prescription Treatments That Are Safe For Cats

Oral prescription treatments can be availed only after giving veterinarian prescription. Oral treatment like Capstar consisting Nitenpyram is safe to be used on cats if you purchase cat-specific products. Even Program flea tablets containing Lufenuron is extremely safe on cats.

Capstar For Cats

Oral Prescription Treatments That Are Not Safe For Cats

Brands like Bravecto containing Fluralaner is only intended to be used on dogs and its use on cats can result in hazardous consequences.


As a cat owner, it is your duty to ensure that a product that is specifically for cats need to be used and directed as per the product label. Remember, if the product is available in dog and cat formulation, it does not mean that they can be interchanged. Even if the pet size is the same!!! Before selecting a flea and tick preventative product it is important to consult with your veterinarian who will be able to suggest a safe product for your kitty.

Note: All prescription products are also more effective than over the counter treatments.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.