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Dogs bring tremendous joy into our lives. From acting silly to being there for you in bad times, they never leave you alone. However, they also come with a bundle of responsibilities as taking care of them is a daily task. In addition, they also encounter many health problems which pet parents need to be aware of. Health issues like flea infestations and infections are unavoidable. A dog’s health is a prime concern for every pet parent. Hence, here you’ll find all the information about health issues your pooch might face.

Let’s take a glance at the main 6 health problems dogs face –

6 Most Common Health Problems in Dogs

 1. Flea and ticks

  • These parasites feed on dog’s blood and transmit diseases like Lyme disease, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Tapeworms, Dermatitis, etc.

2. Heartworms

  • Heartworms affect the lungs and heart of the dog and can be fatal if not treated on time.

3. Skin Problems  

  • Skin problems can cause irritation, itching and rashes on dogs. It is mainly caused due to food allergy, allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis.

4. Joint Pain

  • Joint pain can be a result of wear and tear of joints, developmental or degenerative problems.

5. Intestinal Worms

  • Dogs can get infected with intestinal worms through contaminated soil or their mother. Most dangerous worm is roundworm. In addition, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms are also found in dogs.

6. Vomiting

  • Vomiting in dogs is very common. It can occur due to numerous reasons such as stomach infection, pancreatitis, and obstruction in the intestine or even poisoning.

Fleas and Ticks

Flea and tick

Fleas and ticks are nasty creatures that thrive on your dog’s blood. They are not only annoying but also transmit many life-threatening diseases to your furry pal. These parasites are mostly found near backyards, garden, and any place with grass or bushes. Fleas and ticks attach themselves to your dog’s body and feed on his blood. When these parasites bite, they inject their saliva into your dog’s system which causes various health problems. Moreover, deer ticks can cause Lyme disease which can be very dangerous for your pooch.

These are the signs that’ll let you know if your dog has been bitten by fleas – Dark scabs spotted on the fur of the dog, excessive licking, scratching or itching, biting the skin, irritated (red) skin, and hair loss. The warning signs of tick bites are irritated skin, blood loss, infections, and anemia.

Getting rid of fleas and ticks is a tedious task. However, there are many year-round treatments available which protect your furry pal from these critters. Bravecto provides long-lasting protection (the effect lasts for 3 months) to your dog. It prevents and eliminates fleas and ticks from your dog’s body. Another treatment is Nexgard which provides one-month protection from fleas and ticks.


heartworms in dogs

Heartworm is a menacing disease that directly attacks the dog’s heart and lungs. The disease is spread by mosquito bite and later it develops into the body of the dog. The symptoms of this disease are very little to none. The signs observed in active dogs are persistent cough, resistance to exercise, loss of appetite, lethargy and weight loss.

To protect your pooch from this disease, prevention is the key. Heartgard Plus for Dog is the most recommended preventive treatment for heartworms. The monthly dose provides full protection from such a deadly disease.

Unfortunately, the cure and treatment of heartworms are too complex and expensive. Hence, it’s best if you rely on preventives so that your dog never gets the disease.

Skin Problems

skin problems in dogs

Skin problems like rashes, sores, itchiness, dull coats, hotspots, and hair loss are very common among dogs. It can be caused due to food, environment, and exposure to bacteria, or any allergies. The dog’s skin is constantly exposed to bacteria so they’re more prone to getting skin allergies.

If your dog has any kind of allergic reaction, Apoquel will relieve the itching and cure your furry pal. Moreover, Dermavet cream is an excellent product to treat any wounds or lesions on dogs. Sometimes dog also gets infected due to bacteria and yeast and to treat that, we recommend Malaseb Shampoo.

To protect your pooch from these kinds of allergies, you need to provide a well-balanced diet, proper hygiene, and schedule regular vet visits.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain  in dogs

Joint pain is prevalent in many dogs. Senile and obese dogs are more prone to joint-health issues. Moreover, joint pain can also lead to arthritis. This developmental problem reduces the mobility of the dog which results in depression as the dog cannot take part in his daily activities. Hence, taking care of their joints and providing proper nutrients is vital.

Joint Guard product improves joint function and mobility of the dog. Furthermore, it helps combat the symptoms of arthritis and other joint problems. This nutrition-rich supplement will boost your dog’s energy levels and enhance joint health.

Intestinal Worms

dewormer for dogs

A dog getting infected with intestinal worms is never a good sign. It can deteriorate your pooch’s health and cause numerous health-related issues. The main symptoms of intestinal worm infection are Diarrhea, vomiting (worms in the vomit), reduced stamina, weight loss, and occasional coughing.

Fortunately, it’s very easy to prevent worms. You might be giving your Fido dewormers without even knowing as many heartworm preventives contain dewormers. However, if you want to administer a dewormer, we recommend Drontal. It’ll keep your four-legged pal healthy and free from any kind of worms.


vomiting in dogs

A dog vomits when his stomach is in distress. It might be because the dog ingested some harmful food item or he has a stomach infection. The other causes of vomiting can be pancreatitis, intestinal obstruction or poisoning. Vomiting is not a disease; it occurs due to some infection or imbalance in the body. Hence, you will need to find the underlying cause in order to cure your dog.

Always remember that there’s a solution for everything. Use preventives and treatments so that your pooch doesn’t succumb to any life-threatening disease. Moreover, ensure that your furry buddy is fed a nutritious diet and stays in good health.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.