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Dogs have always served our race with their compassion and courage. They have been playing various roles in our lives since human beings first started adopting them. We know how they have been serving our nation on the borders, the way they have been accompanying us to the tragic sites for surveillance, for standing beside us in our thick and thins and serve as a companion.

They have even served patients, elderly and lonely by providing their affection and still continue to do so. Not to mention, the stress buster they have become for the people busy, tired and consumed in their modern urban lives.

Basically, we are under so many debts of our beloved furry pal that they must be respected and celebrated every moment for being there so eagerly with us. But with all the malicious activities of breeding dogs in the mills with the sole intention of generating money out of their sale is a blasphemy for the selfless service and love dogs have been persistently showering on us.

10 Tips To Celebrate National Dog Day Mindfully

1. Donate Pet Supplies To Dog Shelters

Charity can never go wrong. There are many local shelters with dogs that hardly get proper food and supplies like blankets, toys and even preventatives. Thus, spending a day in a shelter and being a helping hand to the caretakers could be a very valuable and a very humane way of celebrating National Dog Day this year.

2. Adopt A Pet From A Shelter

Adopt A Pet From A Shelter

With fewer funds and a huge population of bereaved dogs to serve, it is actually hard for the caretakers of the shelters to impart proper nutrition and grooming to each and every pet under them. Most of the pets thus go unnoticed and their medical needs are often overlooked, unintentionally though. By taking the responsibility of one such life from the shelter can thus make a huge difference and will vacate a place for some homeless and hapless canine.

3. Take Your Dog For Yearly Checkup

Take Your Dog For Yearly Checkup

Well, the charity also starts at home. If you already own a pet, you can set up an appointment with your vet for his full body check up on this day. Make sure you plan it in advance because we are pretty sure your vet would be quite busy on this day.

4. Vaccinate Your Pup

Vaccinate Your Pup

Pet owners who have not vaccinated their pets or pets that are not secured enough must be addressed quickly. Chances of contraction of diseases in non-vaccinated pups are pretty high compared to their vaccinated counterparts. Such dogs easily contract simple infections quickly which can be avoided by vaccination. So make sure your dog is protected too.

5. Start a Prevention Program For Your Dog

Start a Prevention Program For Your Dog

Every experienced pet owner knows how annoying, and life-threatening dog ailments can be. They can dig a hole in our pockets and additionally, can take a toll on our pet’s life as well. However, when planed in advance, most of the parasites causing diseases in dogs like worms, fleas and ticks can be easily prevented with little planning.

Prepare your house for keeping the parasites at bay and start a yearly prevention program. Preventatives formulated for destroying parasites and parasites-borne diseases, are highly efficient in saving you and your dog from landing into a huge trouble. So, if your dog is not protected yet, safeguard him now!

6. Take Him On A Long Walk

Walking down the streets of the city lanes is fun and equally entertaining when you have an explorer friend – your dog. It is a good way to lose some calories and refresh your dog from the mundane routine on this day.

7. Give Him A Good Massage and Bathing Session

Give Him A Good Massage

Gently massage your pet while bathing and watch how your dog enjoys the session for long. It will also give you time to lather him thoroughly and wash every nick and corner of his body properly. Use Dechra MalAcetic Shampoo, so it lingers on for the complete day. 

8. Buy Him Treats and Chews

Buy Him Treats and Chews

Dogs drool over treats. It makes them go crazy and this thus the perfect way to show your gratitude towards your furry pal. However, do not go overboard. Just stick to one or two. You can also purchase dental chews for him.

They help maintain a good oral hygiene and are also less fattening if you are watchful of his calorie intake. These chews are in fact a delight to munch on and also give a good exercise to his teeth. So, if you want to remove plaque from your dog’s teeth feed him these chews and rest assured, he will definitely enjoy the flavor.

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9. Teach New Things To Your Pup

Dogs can be taught to be socializing and be their best when surrounded by people. You can teach him to shake hands, stand on hind legs and to respond on your command. These lessons can make your dog more amiable and well-mannered when you are in public or have guests at your home.

10. Cuddle A Lot And Spend Time With Him

Spending your day with your dog is the most coveted gift you can present to your Fido. Why spending time with your pet is so important? They always await our attention and feel more loved when we give them company. So, make this National Dog Day a special one for your Fido by hugging and cuddling him more and playing with him on the beaches and parks until the sun leaves the horizon.

National Dog Day is all about making dogs feel more loved and attended. So, follow these tips and bring happiness to the life of these four-legged babies who have persistently served us with their tremendous selfless love for humanity.

So, be their sunshine and enliven your homes, August is already here!


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.