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Every year in the month of May, Lyme Disease Awareness Month takes a center stage. This particular month-long observation takes place in the United States only. Other countries follow suit too, but during different months.

The main reason behind this awareness month is to notify and teach pet parents about the dangers of Lyme Disease and how one can protect their pet from contacting this tick-borne disease.

In this blog, we’ll be talking about this special month so that pet parents can prepare well and keep their furry munchkins safe and secure throughout the year.

Observing National Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Pet parents can observe National Lyme Disease Awareness Month in many ways, a few of which are jotted down below.

#1. Always Check for Ticks

Tick season or not, it is necessary to always check your furry buddy for ticks. Especially, during the peak tick season, it is highly recommended to properly check your buddy’s body at least once a day.

#2. Tick Preventative Schedule

Getting your furry pal on a tick preventative schedule is perhaps, the smartest thing to do. As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Keeping that in mind, get your buddy on a tick preventative schedule to keep him safe from fleas and ticks as well as diseases like Lyme disease. Some of the best tick preventatives are Frontline Plus, K9 Advantix, Nexgard Spectra, and Nexgard. For more tick products, visit CanadaPetCare!

#3. Spread The Word

Apart from doing all it takes to protect your pet from pesky critters like ticks, it is also important to spread the word about this Lyme Disease Awareness Month in the general public too. Doing so, can help a ton of people and their pets. After all, sharing information (in this case especially) is caring, right?

#4. Keep Surroundings Clean

Getting your pet signed up for a tick preventative schedule does not guarantee you protection. You’ll also have to take care of several others things. For instance, keeping your house clean, especially your yard is very important. An untidy yard can become a partying spot for ticks, and that is never a good thing you know. So yes, keep the yard clean by mowing the lawn and removing all the dirt.

Following the above four things goes a long way in protecting your pet and other pet parent’s pets as well. Besides, at the same time, you’re actively taking part in observing National Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Stay safe, and as always, keeps your pets safe too!


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.