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Humans are social animals. Humans have the ability to learn new things and solve problems. But pet animals like cat, dog, and others cannot solve the problem their selves. Thereby it is the responsibility of pet parent to keep your pet health issues free and understand the causes of various diseases like Dental problems, eye problem, ear problems, nose and thought problems, stomach problems, and much more like these. The majority of issues found in the dog are dental issues. It can be a door of many parasites. Hence it takes lots of time. The routine and basic task of bruising and cleaning can avoid such diseases.

Most of the diseases can be achieved at home. There are many methods to keep your dog teeth strong, “sparkling white” and diseases free. To do so offer your dog following:

  • Feed your dog a good quality food
  • Give your dog chewing rubber toy
  • Raw Bones
  • Offer vegetables and fruit daily in morning snacks

The dog gets bacteria and it is natural to have it. But important to cure the disease, because over attack on the teeth of the dog can harm its teeth badly. It is vitally important to keep dogs teeth in good condition, bacterial parasite free.

How dental disease arises in the first place

The dental disease arises as a result of irritation of nerve supplying the affected tooth and development of plaque. Considering plaques then it sticks to the teeth when you feed the food containing sugars and starches such as milk, cakes, soft drinks, and raisins. Bacteria live in the mouth and eat those foods. After some period of time, the acid of these foods harms the enamel of teeth. Avoid providing such foods and beverages to stop spreading them.

Symptoms of Dog Dental Disease Could Be:

  • Bad Breath:

If your dog is breathing badly, then the reason could be the attack of bacteria. Overgrowth of bacteria can breathe more badly so you need to take care of your pal if you smell a bad breath near the dog.

  • Bleeding Gum:

If your dog gums bleed while chewing toys and bones or brushing teeth can be a sign of bleeding and thus it is the beginning of the dental disease. Go to vet for the checkup.

  • Loose Teeth:

Sometimes it may happen that the dog loosens the grip of teeth from the gums. In unusual cases, the dog may lose the teeth. Take the guide of vet and prevent loosing of teeth.

Few Tips to Prevent & Control Dental Disease

Understanding the root cause of dental problems and keeping your pet’s mouth clean are the basics to control dental diseases.  If your dog teeth are already infected by bad teeth, plaque or bacteria then use the antibiotic or liquid Meds to reduce the infection and cure the disease.

Dog teeth are not same as humans and are different in structure and gums. It is always good to be aware of the problems and cure them before it harms the dog. If you find any type of disorder in the mouth of a dog, then you should concern the veterinarian.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.