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It is really a horror show when you accidentally cut your dog’s nails far too short resulting in lot of bleeding and yelping of your tyke in pain and discomfort. While it may take you sometime to regain his trust again it is important to look for the quick (connective tissue and skin that lies underneath the hard part of the nail) in your dog’s nails. In a white pooch it can be identified as a dark smaller part on the inside of the nail. While for a black pooch you will find it difficult to identify the quick until you start clipping his nails.

Start the process by making smaller cuts and scrutinize your doggie’s nails and once you start seeing a whitish or grey circle in the middle it means that you are getting close to the quick. If by chance you accidentally cut into the quick resulting in bleeding take these emergency home remedies for stopping the dog nail breeding and treating your furry friend:

Styptic Powder

It is also considered to be an antiseptic containing ferric sub-sulfate that shrinks the blood vessels of the dog and stops the bleeding. Get this powder and apply it gently on the dog’s nails and keep the pooch still for several minutes after application.

Baking Soda, Baking Flour or Cornstarch

Grab a pinch of these ingredients and apply it on the dog’s nails. Apply pressure on his fingers for a while and then ease him. You can even add water to these ingredients, thereby making a paste out of it. Apply it on the nail and keep the dog still for a couple of minutes for the blood to clot completely.

Bar of Soap

Moist the bar of soap and gently press the dog’s nail in it. Alternatively, gently drag the nail across the bar. The soap should be fragrance free and the dog should stay still for several minutes for the blood to clot.

Styptic Pencils

The working mechanism of these pencils is similar to powder. Simply press the pencils on top of the bleeding nail for several minutes. It may sting a little because of the presence of silver nitrate in the pencil so use it only if you are sure that your doggie can tolerate the pain.


If everything else fails, this is the last home remedy. Wrap the bandage on the bleeding nail so that it is not possible for the pooch to lick or accidentally damage the wound. Ensure that the wrap is just above the dog’s wrist so that it does not fall off. As an alternative you can use socks and tape it above his wrist so that it stays there for a long time.

Note: If your pooch eats socks, then it is not a great idea to use socks as an alternative to bandage.

It is advised not to tape the wound very tightly as it may cut off the blood circulation of your tyke.

Keep the pooch still for at least 20 minutes. Never walk on his nail when you walk as it can start the bleeding once again. Give a nice long massage, a puzzle or chew toy or something that diverts his attention from the pain. If the bleeding still does not stop after 20 minutes take him to the veterinarian so that he can get a proper line of treatment before getting affected by infection due to an open wound.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.