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Your cat shows her tremendous love and trust for you by purring, head-butting, rubbing her body against your legs, curving her tail or sometimes, perhaps bringing you a present. All those eye-blinks and belly shows are meant to lure you subtly into loving her back. Aren’t these actions quite adorable?

If you haven’t attended to them yet, try doing it now because cats aren’t loud like dogs in revealing their emotions. They show their affection through gentle ways that are diminutive yet genuine. Hug Your Cat Day gives you the perfect opportunity to revert that love to your adorable kitty.

It is the day meant especially for the feline family to get all the cuddles and hugs for being there as a companion in our thick and thins. If you have neglected your kitty or haven’t paid attention to her due to your busy schedule, make her feel special on this day. Read on how to do it.

1. Give Her Lap Cuddles

Cats love lap cuddles and enjoy them a lot. Any activity that makes them the center of all attention is sure to get her tinkling with joy. Keeping them gently on your lap and running the fingers through her coat also helps you gain her trust, which is very important in forming a great bond.

2. Catify Your House And Play With Her

Catifying the house means keeping furniture and plants that cats love to play around. These modifications in the house satisfy her natural instincts of perching, scratching and climbing. This way they feel comfortable at home and in their space.

3. Avoid Her From Getting Bored

Bored cats show signs of aggression, annoyance, and sadness when their inherent curiosity isn’t satiated. They love to remain busy exploring something. Therefore, giving them some physical exercise and training can wane off boredom thereby enhancing their natural abilities. You can also keep her busy by providing her toys.

4. Give Her Treats

Treats fill her with joy and make her feel special. Try and find something palatable and unique which she would enjoy.

5. A Good Grooming Session

Cats are cleanliness freaks. They spend most of their time licking their body parts to keep themselves squeaky clean. A good grooming session thus goes a long way in keeping the cat happy. They will adore you for matching up to her hygiene levels.

National Hug Your Cat Day is observed so that pet owners pay enough attention towards their kitties and make them feel loved more and more. Cats are often mistaken for being reluctant and moody because pet owners fail to handle the kitty in the manner she enjoys it. It is therefore important to comprehend the way they like to receive love.

Just give her lots of cuddles and hugs and she will love you for that. Don’t squeeze her though as it puts her off badly. Understand that she is fragile and needs to be handled gently. If you follow these tips, she is sure gonna stay by your side for the rest of her life, take my words!

Celebrate this day by building companionship with your kitty.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.