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Every pet owner wants to be a better owner. But to be that you need to be responsible for the well-being of your furry pal. Just meeting his basic needs like fresh water, high quality food and climate controlled shelter is not enough.

It means to meet the dog’s emotional needs which would keep him safe and healthy. It also means that you want to take the responsibility for a very long time, probably the entire lifespan of your furry pal.

So, adopt a pet only if you are 100% sure of what you are getting into. Committing to pet ownership is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires lots of hard work and dedication.

Top 6 Things You Can Do to Be A Responsible Pet Owner:

1. Meet The Emotional Needs Of Your Pet

Pets need more than water, food and shelter. You also need to give them comfort, mental enrichment, kindness and compassion. For that you need to connect with your furry pal on a daily basis. It can be as simple as taking him for a walk around the block, petting or simply talking to him or playing fetch in the yard.

If you are leaving your pet in the home alone, ensure that he is mentally stimulated with the aid of interactive toys with food, hide treats behind furniture or scatter the pet’s kibble on the floor. These things will assist your pet to be mentally fulfilled even when you are not in the house.

2. Take Your Pet For Regular Veterinarian Visits

Since pets cannot speak it becomes very difficult to gauge if there is anything physically or mentally wrong with them. Even if your pet is rarely sick, it is important to take him for annual veterinary check-ups. During the check-up, the veterinarian will scrutinize your pet, conduct blood work and make recommendations if required. If you have any doubts pertaining to your pet’s health, consult with your veterinarian.

3. Pick Up Pet Poop

No sane person would enjoy stepping on pet poop. You should also understand that pet poop spread diseases and intestinal parasites along with attracting flies. Responsible pet owners pick their pet’s poop and properly dispose his fecal matter in such a way that others are not affected by your pet’s poop.

4. Train Your Pet

Just like human children, pets need to learn polite manners. Enroll your pet in a group training class with a positive reinforcement pet trainer. it is very important for your pet to learn to behave politely around other people and pets. Plus, attending weekly group training classes will certainly meet your pet’s mental and emotional needs too.

5. Regular Groom Your Pet

Regular grooming assists in keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy. It also gives an opportunity to you to create a lasting bond with your pet. Being responsible pet owners means to notice lumps, bumps, swelling or painful areas of the pet during grooming sessions. Brush them on a weekly basis and bathe him as required. It can be weekly or monthly depending on the coat of your furry pal.

6. Micro-chipping Your Pet

Take 10 minutes and permanently make sure that your pet is safely returned to you in case he gets lost. Get collars with ID tags and put them on the pet. But the fact that they can fall off or someone can take them off is a thing that can break your heart. So, take the next step of micro-chipping your pet by taking out 5 valuable minutes of your life and another 5 minutes to register the microchip with your contact information. This is very useful. Do it right away!!!

Are you ready to being humane and accepting total responsibility of your pet?


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.