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Pets are our most loyal companions and we certainly wish for their good health. However, we often make mistakes when deciding on the lifestyle and maintenance of their overall wellness. Our love for them pours out in the form of overfeeding, imbalanced diet and extra treats. Another major factor that also affects the health of our pets is our own lifestyle. A busy work life makes us sluggish when we return home; and due to our lethargy, our pets are the ones that often get ignored. No, we are not talking about cuddling and all, but their requirements to stay fit that often get overlooked.

October is hence observed as a National Pet Wellness Month to spread awareness and to make sure that people get motivated to get their pet’s fitness regime on track. Campaigns are also set by veterinarians to help pet parents make correct choices for their furry kids. You can definitely attend them if you can squeeze out time from your busy schedule.

Well, if that is not possible, need not worry because here are the tips to remind you what things you need to set right in your pet’s life.

6 Good Tips For A Healthy Life For Your Pets

1. Control Your Pet’s Weight

Overweight is a major problem in pets that lead to multiple lifestyle diseases as well as fatal ones like Cancer, Heart disease, etc. When a pet is overweight, his metabolism becomes sluggish, he feels reluctant to move and the bodyweight puts extra pressure on joints which in turn leads to deteriorating joint movements. Hence, make sure you keep a track of your pet’s weight regularly and shun all the elements that can contribute to weight gain. Maintenance of optimal weight is extremely necessary for a healthy life. So be on top of it.

2. Feed Balanced Meals

Your dog’s health is directly related to what goes into his mouth. Thus, feeding a balanced meal full of all the required nutrients like – vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbohydrates are imperative. Be watchful of the quality of food and portion size. Include vegetables, meat, fruits and supplements that can provide apt nutrition to your furry. One thing that pet parents must keep in mind is to not overfeed their pets even if the meal is healthy. Portion control is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid obesity.

3. Groom Your Pet Regularly

Grooming is an essential part of the wellbeing of a pet which often gets neglected. Thus, it is important that a pet is bathed every 15 days or weekly if feasible. Make sure while grooming your pet you don’t neglect his oral health. Check your pet’s mouth regularly and use proper dental care aids to keep infections at bay. Other than that, ear care must also be considered. 

4. Use Preventatives to Avoid Parasitic Infections

Fleas, ticks, mites and worms are some of the common parasites that usually infest our pets. If appropriate care is not taken in advance, these parasites can be highly detrimental to the pet’s well-being. They carry multiple diseases which can deteriorate the quality of a pet’s life and can prove fatal. So, make sure to safeguard your dog way in advance.  

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5. Play and Exercise with Your Pet

It is necessary that a pet must exercise on a regular basis so that he can burn the calories for the day. Take your pet for regular walks and play with him. Physical activities not just improve joint health but are also good for muscles. They also stimulate the brain, improve metabolism and hence are very helpful in keeping pets fit as fiddle.

6. Go For Vet Checkups

A complete examination of pets every 6 months helps in detecting any health issues at an earlier stage. Your vet also suggests important vaccinations, preventatives and other treatments other than a proper diet plan which is necessary for holistic wellness. Hence, vet checkups are a must and you must keep reminders for yourself if you often forget to do that.

Mental health is also equally important to keep your pet away from depression and becoming sluggish. Hence, besides following these tips, you must also not forget to spend quality time with your pet. Remember – Happiness is like a health drug whose daily dose is necessary to keep the pet’s life happy and healthy because stress is not a great relative of well-being. Hope you will keep that in mind not just this October, but, for the whole year.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.