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Dogs are true reflection of their owners and so if you do something they will follow your suit. Hence, it is very important that you need to be brave enough to face situations that do not look comfortable. For example; if you are stressed while going to dentist your dog might follow your suit and show anxiety whenever he feels that the situation is uncomfortable. If your doggie depicts anxiety during grooming then it is time to show some restraint and change the things accordingly.

One way of doing it is forcefully taking your tyke to the groomers which is not recommended. The other option is to groom your doggie at home by chasing him while he tries to fend away when he sees the brush in your hands. Do not despair as pooches can be trained to get used to grooming with little work from your end. Be patient and with time your doggie will enjoy the grooming sessions.

Note: In this particular write-up; we have discussed about different ways you can train your tyke get used to grooming at home.

Let us now look at some of the ingenious ways you can train your tyke get used to grooming:

 Take a cue of the non-verbal message that you are delivering to your furry friend

As conveyed at the beginning of this write-up, remember that your pooch follows your action like a reflection and so if you are feeling rushed or stressed your four-legged friend will look at your body language and then get stressed. Hence, before starting the grooming session, it is important to have a positive body language. The way you speak with your tyke and the way you move while grooming gives enough cues to your doggie in determining his own course of action. Hence, always be calm, relaxed and happy while grooming your furry friend.

Reward their relaxed and calm behavior while grooming with treats

You need to perceive how your doggie needs to behave during the grooming session. The most important thing is to train them to stay calm while you handle his different body parts as this will be a handy practice during the grooming session. Give smooth touches by holding him gently and then restraining him on a consistent basis so that he gets acquainted with the overall feeling that he might get during the grooming session.

Make him get used to endure the sensation when you handle his paws, ears, tail and other spots that are sensitive. Start by giving a complete body message commencing with the favorite spots of your doggie like a belly rub or behind-the-ear massage. Once he feels comfortable move to the body parts which are more sensitive to your doggie. If he behaves calmly reward him with treats so that he can associate being calm during grooming session as a positive thing.

Make the pooch acquaint himself with the new places

In the doggie world, grooming is considered to one crazy process which is filled with new experiences, including places, smells, and sights. With so much to explore in one go it makes them feel anxious about the entire activity. To make him feel eased, it is important to let him explore the different areas independently.

For example; if you are giving him a DIY bath you need to let him explore the bathroom and introduce the bathtub to him with ease. Let the doggie sniff and explore the area for a while, then take the plunge of bathing him. It is important that you give enough time to your tyke to get used to the new environment before introducing the new sensations.

Initiate new sensations

Once your doggie gets used to the new environment, it is time to introduce them to new sensations. This includes the actual grooming process. Do not ever start off by doing too much. Commence with brushing and ensure that the duration of it is short.

If you want to trim his nails, trim a couple to give him a feeling of trimming and then end the grooming session. You can then get back the next day and brush for a longer duration and trim more nails the next day. Always ensure that your doggie gets used to the grooming on the first day itself so that he does not get stressed when you groom him the next day.

 Associate the grooming session with positive attributes

In the initial phase, your doggie will try to resist the idea of grooming. But it is important that you give rewards to him that he loves so that he gets used to the grooming session. If you want to brush your pooch and he loves to walk, take him to the park, sit on a romp and brush him from the park bench.

If your pooch loves treats, give him treats once you finish with the combing activity all across their body. With time, your four-legged friend will understand that positive things happen when he stays calm and allows you to groom him.

Never shout or punish your tyke for not remaining calm during grooming session

If you think that shouting at your pooch when he does not remain calm during the grooming session will help; think again. Negative punishment will make your tyke think that only negative things will follow when you commence the grooming process. It will not only make him more anxious, but also frightened. Hence, avoid negative punishment at all cost as it will only end up increasing your training duration and will also frustrate your furry friend.

Once you follow these things, your furry friend will associate grooming with a positive experience. But if by chance he still feels anxious or frightened at the start of the grooming session, it is recommended to take the guidance from your veterinarian who would suggest some behavioral anxiety treatments that would reduce his anxiousness and relax him.

So, how are you planning to train your tyke getting used to grooming? Please share your invaluable comments below and we would be glad to learn more about your personal experience. Till then keep reading, and do not forget to stock important dog supplies at your disposal today!!


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.