Teaching the Art of Selective Chewing to Dogs

Imagine you come home after a long hard day at the office and find that your little bundle of love has inflicted damage through his teeth. They have destroyed your furniture, items that are valuable to you and even inflicted a sort of pain to themselves during the process. A very tough pill to swallow, […]

Tried and Tested Remedies by Dog Owners for Arthritis

There are times when the easy run of the mill for dogs becomes a stiff walk while jumping on the favorite chair becomes a horrid dream. Different reasons can lead to arthritis and one of them is age. When dog’s age, it takes them a reasonable effort to conduct their routine tasks. But the truth […]

2 Highly Effective Generic Heartworm Preventive Treatments for Dogs

Every dog owner wants to ensure a long and healthy life of his furry pal. No one would want his pooch to suffer in agony due to heartworm infection. We are sure by now you might have understood the life-threatening impact these parasites can have on your pooch. Hence, to combat this disease, lots of […]

A Doggie Calculator – Find Cost of Raising a Dog in Canada

Being the owner of a pooch is just like having kids. It can be plain sailing for several days and all of a sudden unexpected bills can hit you. But it is very tricky to put a price tag on your love for dogs but that is a cruel fact. Owning a dog is a […]

Ignoring Blood Pressure in Dogs – A Fatal Mistake

When most of us think about high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) the very first thing that comes in our mind is our human companions who are suffering from this disorder whether it is your friend, family member or relative. But no one would ever imagine that even your Fido can get affected by […]