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Have you booked your tickets and rooms for Christmas holidays yet? Holiday season is coming along and many of you must have planned a big or small family tours along with your family and friends.

So, are you planning to take your pooch along this time? If not, make sure he gets the best of treatment from the people who are going to look after him. And, if you are going to take your pup on a holiday and are going to stay at a hotel.

Some Check-in Tips to Consider for Your Furry Friends:

1. Pre Planning- The Most Important Part of The Trip

Before you take off to the destination you decided to spend your holidays, it is necessary to take care of important things related to your canine. Your pooch has to have an identification tag tightly fastened on the collar. If possible get your pet micro-chipped in case you meet your worst horror of losing your pup during the trip.

Apart from these things, you may need to take care for your pooch’s food, treats, toys, chewing toys, leash, extra collar, and a blanket that has a familiar scent which would help your canine adjust better in new surroundings.

2. Reservation – Not Only for You, But Also for Your Pet!

Not all hotels allow dogs to stay. Thus it is important that you check with the hotel that you are opting for whether they allow pets or not. If they do, you may have to make reservations for the pup too as these places may ask for deposit for canines. Although that might not be more than $100 per animal, it is better to stay on the same page with the hotel guys.

3. Choose a Perfect Room – Do Not Forget That You Have a Pooch with You!

Touring with canines always add luggage to your regular packs as you would be carrying your entire dog’s stuff. Imagining the amount of baggage you may have, it may be better if you choose ground floor room for convenience.

Moreover, ground floor would be perfect because of your canine’s running, stretching needs and the fact that not all dogs seem to get along with elevators.

4. Check The Room – That Would Be Safe Before You Check-in!

You do not know the person that stayed before you checked in. Although the rooms are cleaned before handing it over to another customer, you may never know co-incidences! It may happen that something dangerous is lying on the floor by the previous guests that might harm your dog. Hence it is always good to check your room before you let your pup in to settle down. Safety always lies in prevention!

5. Comfort Comes First – For Four Dogs Too!

Dogs may find it difficult to cope in the new environment and it becomes our responsibility to make them comfortable. Almost every hotel may have a rule of crating the animals. However even if it is not, it may be better to keep your canines safe and secured in the crate when you have something else to look upon.

Sudden entrance of unknown individuals may startle your pet for which it is a great idea to hang the “Do not disturb” sign on your door. Try to make your pet’s stay as comfortable as you can.

6. Cleanliness – Make Sure You Maintain It!

If the hotel lets your pooch stay with you then you have some responsibilities towards their gesture, and that is of cleanliness. Make sure you clean your canine’s paws before entering the hotel after your outdoor visits. Pick up your dog’s discards and use poly bags to throw them in appropriate dust pans. Try not to put the hotel staff in inconvenience during your stay there.

Trip with pets are usually fun if planned properly. Research is the key to a perfect planning which eventually leads to a perfect trip. Book your tickets now and have a stress free time with your family and pets!

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.