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Every single year, close to 40,000 pets lose their lives because of house fires and most of them are started by the pet itself. Thus, in lieu of this, National Pet Fire Safety Day came into existence in order to curb the numbers of pets losing their lives to house fires. Hence, every year on the 15th of July, National Pet Fire Safety Day is observed.

It is a day of raising awareness among the community and society about this very serious issue. In this blog we will be looking into some safety tips that every pet parent should know because it will surely help them keep their pets safe and prevent house fires. Let’s dive in!

Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe

The below mentioned tips are essential for every pet parent to follow to avoid unnecessary mishaps. And since National Pet Fire Safety Day is around the corner, why not got through these tips, utilize them, and do not forget to share them among the pet parents you know.

1. Say No To Open Flames

Unnecessary lighting of candles and leaving your pet loose at the same time is a very big risk to take. Thus, households that have pets should avoid open flames at all costs. Consider using LED flame-less candles. They are way safer and will ensure the safety of your pets as well as your house.

2. Pet Proofing

When you have pets around, it is essential to pet proof the house. Keep electrical appliances out of the reach of your pets and also keep them away from the kitchen, especially from the stoves. Ensure that you pet proof your home every single day to avoid accidents. Moreover, it is always better to keep electrical appliances that you are not currently using, back in a safe place and far away from your pet.

Keeping Your Pet Safe In Case Of A Fire

Despite all the carefulness, if a fire breaks out, here’s what you should do immediately.

1. Alert The Firefighter About Your Pet

Make sure to alert the firefighters about your pet and let them know that rescuing your furry munchkin should be their topmost priority. A prompt alert is very essential in helping the firefighters rescue your pal in quick time.

2. Have An Escape Route Ready

It is essential to have an escape route because in case a fire breaks out, you and your buddy can use that escape route to get yourselves out to safety. Make sure to practice the escape route plan with your buddy so that in a fire breaks out, you and your buddy will know exactly how to come out of it, unharmed.

3. Leash and Crate

While evacuating the building, make sure to leash your dog or put your cat in a crate before making your way to the exit. This will help in getting out faster because you can guide your pets and help them find a way out from all the smoke that disturbs their vision.

4. Identification Marks or Micro Chipping

Having your dog micro chipped or wearing a collar with your buddy’s name, your phone number and address is highly essential. In case you and your buddy lose each other, you can be reunited with him only if your dog has an ID or been micro chipped. These things come in handy and hence, fire or no fire, all pet parents should get ID’s or micro chip their pets.

Now that’s a wrap from us. We hope you will take extra precaution and keep your pets safe from house fires. Moreover, do not forget to spread the awareness regarding National Pet Fire Safety Day. Stay safe, and like always, keep your pets safe as well.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.