How To Take Care of Dog’s Eye Infections

Eye infections are frequently occurring conditions in dogs. However, being so confident that your pooch is safe from infections is not a healthy sign of being a responsible parent. Eye infection can occur anywhere at any time so better be at a safe side and aware of the signs of eye infections. Some of the […]

dry eye in dogs

Dry Eyes – Help Your Pet to Combat It

Your pet usually faces many health problems. For some issues, you take care of and some you ignore without knowing its seriousness. Dry eyes are one such health condition in pets that most pet parents ignore. However, at times, it does not seem serious but ignoring this situation leads to drastic condition. Dry eyes are a condition when eye glands do not release enough lubricant to moist eyes, and they become extremely dry. Natural tears contain antibodies to fight against infection and soothing ingredients that keeps eyes naturally wet.

Dry eyes are more common in dogs than in cats. This condition is found rarely in felines. Some breeds like Cocker Spaniel, English bulldogs and the West Highland Terrier are more vulnerable of getting dry eyes disease compared to other breeds. Sometimes dry eyes are the side effect of certain medications given to pets. Read more about Dry Eyes – Help Your Pet to Combat It