How to Prevent Heartworm Infection In Your Dog

Like many other parasitic diseases, pets also suffer from heartworms. Dogs, cats, ferrets and horses get infection from an infected mosquito bite. Heartworm is a dangerous disease that can even kill pets if proper treatment and prevention measures are not taken. Dogs are more susceptible to heartworm disease compared to other animals like cats. The […]

How to Prevent Heartworm Infestation in Pets?

Heartworm infection is a fatal disease in dogs and cats. Most of the pet owners are not aware of why they need to give their pets heartworm preventives. Heartworm infestation makes pets sick and can even take a toll on their lives if not detected and treated in early stages. Dogs and cats of any age become victims of this disease, and face serious consequences. Read more about How to Prevent Heartworm Infestation in Pets?