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For every pet lover, their pets are their family and keeping them healthy is the utmost priority for all of us. There are plenty of parasites that affect our pet’s wellness and heart worms, without a doubt, are one of those menacing organisms that you want to keep at bay from your animal at any cost because once your dog gets the heartworm infection, the treatment to cure the infection is long and takes a lot out of you and your animal.

This is why the prevention of heartworm disease is the way to go. Among the several, Nuheart and Tri-Heart Plus are a couple of popular heartworm preventions that can help you achieve this goal.

So, the question to be asked is which one is better. We have made the comparison between these two products that provides all the necessary information you need to have before you make a choice. 


Nuheart and Tri-Heart Plus carry a few similarities as well as some differences between them. Here is the brief explaining the same.


One of the major differences between Tri-Heart Plus and Nuheart is the composition they both are made of. Tri-Heart Plus contains Ivermectin and Pyrantel as active ingredients. It terminates the heartworm larvae during the tissue stage post infection and controls the roundworms and hookworms.

On the other hand, Nuheart consists of Ivermectin that works against the larval stage of heartworms and prevents the infection.


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Method of Administration

Tri-Heart Plus is highly palatable, beef-flavored chewable that can be given directly in the mouth, or you can place it in your dog’s mouth for swallowing. If the dog is not able to take it directly, it can be entirely added in small quantities of dry food.

Nuheart tablets can be given as a whole. For difficult dogs, Nuheart can be dissolved in 5-10 ml of warm water or any other liquid and added to the dog’s food.

Parasite Protection

Tri-Heart Plus aids in the prevention of heartworm disease. Alongside, it also treats and controls intestinal worms such as hookworms and roundworms for the whole month. Nuheart effectively prevents heartworm infections in dogs when given on a monthly basis.

The following table compares a few principal characteristics both Nuheart &  Tri-Heart Plus bring to the table:


Final Thoughts

In the end, when it comes to protecting your dog against heart worms, both Tri-Heart Plus and Nuheart perform equally well. So if you only intend to prevent your dog from heartworm infections, either of them will do the job. It is important to notice that between Tri-heart Plus and Nuheart, the latter is the cost-effective option. In case you want an added protection against intestinal worms such as roundworms and hookworms along with heartworms, Tri-Heart Plus would be the one for you.

We recommend consulting a veterinarian before administering any treatment to your dog, and when the threat is as great as heartworm disease, the expert’s opinion is even more crucial.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.