6 Tips for Securing your Pet’s Health During Spring

Spring is that time of the year when the day gets warmer and families are eager to head outdoors. There is an ultimate desire in the minds of pet owners to enjoy natural, fresh and light air, which makes outdoor revelry for the furry pals and pet owners. It is also a good time to […]

Vet Tips To Care Your Cat Having Arthritis

Is your feline silently suffering in pain due to arthritis? If yes; it is time to take her to your veterinarian and get her relieved from the pain by getting her treated from this dreadful disease. Let us look at some of the vet tips that you need to follow to ease off the joint […]

What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis In Cats?

Signs Your Cat Suffering from Arthritis Arthritis is commonly encountered in cats, particularly in older cats. However, the signs of feline arthritis are often subtle and difficult to spot, As cats naturally disguise pain and discomfort, arthritis can be very difficult to spot. It is important that cat owners learn to recognize the subtle signs […]

6 Hidden Dangers Of Obesity In Cats

Are you really confident of the fact that your kitty is not overweight? It has been researched and found that obesity is regarded to be one of the most challenged problems in dogs and cats of first world countries. It has been statistically proven that approximately more than 50% of cats and dogs are obese […]

4 Dental Health Tips For Pets That Don’t Like To Brush

It is always a difficult ordeal for pet owners to brush their furry pals. This is especially true when a regular brushing habit is not formed in the pets from their young age. This is particularly true in case of cats. But the problem is that due to this irregular habit, pets suffer from dental […]

6 Tips To Protect Your Pets From The Chilling Cold of Winter

The chilly, cold weather has arrived and it is one of those times when you go skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities. Certain people dig out their winter jumpers and chop the firewood to enjoy the winter wonderland. But think about the pets about how they will deal with the freezing cold outside. There are […]

4 Most Selling Flea & Tick Preventive Treatments Of Cats in the Year 2016

Top Selling Flea And Tick Prevention For Cats in 2016 The year 2016 has just ended and it is that time of the year where critics are trying to evaluate the hits and misses. Taking this perspective, we have provided a list of most selling flea and tick preventive products that are customer favorites. This […]

5 Home Remedies To Reduce Hairballs In Cats

Hairballs are the products of feline hygiene. Cats develop hairballs when they use their rough tongues to groom themselves. It is a wide known fact that cats love to groom themselves and during self-grooming they end up swallowing a bit of loose hair. When the feline is not able to digest the swallowed hair or […]

7 Relaxing Ways To Have Pet-Friendly Boxing Day Celebration

Once the Christmas celebration is over, you might feel that there is not much that you can do to have a relaxing time with your furry companion. But that is not true. There are lots of fun and relaxing activities that can make this Boxing Day an exciting time for you and your furry companions. […]

Wound Care Treatment Tips for Cats

It has been observed that kittens and cats usually get hurt quick easily. Cats have a tendency to hop, bounce and play, hence, there is a lot of vulnerability to cuts, punctures and wounds. But the most important thing for a cat owner is to take care of the furry companion before the situation gets […]