How To Prevent Heartworms At An Initial Stage

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Mosquito is a life-endangering insect. It not only carries viruses that can infect humans and spread a disease, but also carries infections that can cause an ailment to the dogs. Dog’s heart is as precious as any other living person on this planet. But, a mosquito has that tendency to destroy the pet’s happiness and break his heart. However, you as his responsible parent or a dog lover can always give your best efforts in preventing any danger from occurring to the dog.

Heartworms are life-sucking parasites that travel via the medium of female mosquito and grow into immature larva inside them. Travelling from one infected pet to another via female insect, heartworms causes fatal infection to the pet’s body. Heartworms travel in the pet’s body through the blood stream and reside in their intestine and lungs moving their way to the heart and blood vessels. These fatal worms have the tendency to live and grow for several years inside the pooch’s body.

The signs of existing heartworm infection are not easily noticeable at the onset of the disease, but as it progresses to its later stages, it becomes more visible. The signs includes, cough, not willing to exercise and loss of appetite accompanied by weight loss.

It is better to prevent the heartworms from growing into adults and eliminating them at their larval stage itself. This will also ensure that the pet is safe and secure. The various prevention methods that you can ensure for the pooch’s protection are:

Heartworm Preventatives for Dogs

1. First and foremost point, stay in an area that does not habitat mosquitoes. Provide a protective shell or an environment to your furry pal and don’t let any mosquito to come near him.

2. Annual health checkups and blood examination must be done to ensure that there is no heartworm infection already existing in the pooch’s body.

3. Provide preventive medication and treatments that safeguards the dog’s health and kill the larval form of heartworms. Certain treatments that are the best effective and always produce positive results are:

The above treatments and preventatives will only work when there is no existing infection in the dog’s body. So, before starting with the treatment get your pooch checked for the same. Heartworm prevention is much safe and affordable than treating the infection, which is risky and expensive. The oral prevention is designed with a unique taste that will be readily accepted by all the dogs and hence secure them from heartworm infections.

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