New Year, New Resolutions! Top 8 Resolution Tips For You & Your Pet!

New Year is about to begin and in no time people will be counting down. We all set some resolutions for the New Year rolling in. Although our furry friends do not set such goals, we may need to take things in hand and decide some resolutions for them too. These resolutions may help you […]

Winter & Festival Special- How To Keep Your Dogs Safe From Fire?

December has just begun and in no time our streets will be filled with Christmassy snow. All the people must have ignited the fire places to seek comfort in this cold weather. Along with the obvious reasons of chilly weather, the festive season will also play a role in igniting decorations and candles. According to […] Announce Big Discount Sale on This Halloween

A big surprise for pet parents as announces huge Halloween sale on pet supplies. With the aim to help pet owners maintain their pets’ health and get affordable preventive treatments, Canadapetcare has come up with this exciting idea. There is no question that adults, children and even pets enjoy Halloween day. With the holiday […]

Pet Poisoning – Severe Threat to Pet’s Health And Wellness

Pet poisoning has become a menace with the occurrence of more than 100,000 cases in America last year. This overwhelming number is ironic especially in a pet loving country. It also raises fingers towards ignorance of pet parents. Pet parents are often lacking basic knowledge about food items, plantations and insects that are harmful and […]

Tips to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Bringing in a new pet is an awesome experience. However, it’s not so easy to just get them into your home and think that they would be adjusted to your home décor easily. If you are very much concern about your home interior and don’t want that mess in the house then you need to […]