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Thanks giving days are full of celebration, fun and gratitude. The prayers and the festivities please every eye and fills in all appetites but it may not be the same for your pet. Your cat or dog may not enjoy the fun time as they may accidentally step on the decorations or eat stuff that is not healthy for them. The loud noises and strangers entering the house may not be appealing for the pet. So, while preparing for the celebrations there must be a plan B ready for your pet.

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips Every Pet Parent Should Know:

As a pet parent, you must follow a few tips to keep your pets safe from the unwanted dangerous situation. Here we have a listed few thanksgiving safety tips for pets:

1. Watch out the Food:

Fido or your kitty may end up munching on the uncooked turkey or may eat up raisins and chocolates. All this can lead to a minor intestinal upset to severe food poisoning. So, while preparing the thanks giving dinner, just watch out for your pet and keep him away from grabbing the foodstuff. Learn more about Pet toxic food here.

2. People and Pet:

Your pet may not enjoy the company of strangers. A house full of strangers may not be a beautiful sight for him. He cannot enjoy the kids trying to play with him. So, make sure the new entrants in the house do not disturb your pet. Else, he may react by barking and even get aggressive. Make sure nobody slips a chocolate or to for your pet.

3. No to Bones:

Poultry bones and turkey bones may get stuck up in the pet’s throat. Or even if it gets into the system without sucking up then there are wide chances of gastrointestinal upset. The turkey or bones may cause big harm to your pet. So, give him simple food with a little extra treats to make him happy. Only line of caution is keep a watch on his munching habit.

4. Bitter Results of Sweets:

The Thanksgiving party sweets may prove harsh on your pet. They may end up giving toxic results due to the sweeteners. Pets are not so good at digesting sweeteners and synthetic stuff. So, better keep those things away.

If you want to offer feast to your pet then go for pet chewable bones, vegetables, or dribbles of gravy etc. Just a little care and caution can make this thanksgiving a wonderful time for your pet. All you need is that sharp eyes to watch your pet and a little extra care to keep him comfortable. That’s it! So, make this thanksgiving a memorable one for yourself and for your pet! What say?


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.