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Halloween seems to be soon rocking in with all its spooky, creepy, scary & cringed sounds and with a line of wacky things to do. And, no doubt, pet parents are all up on the hills to get their furry friends well prepared for that “BOOOO” “WOOOO” freaky festive vibes.

Well with that happy haunting going on; don’t dare to scare away your furry friend with these morbid things. So, let’s run through hallows and find the oddballs for your pet to avoid amid this COVID-19.

1. Sugar Candies, Treats & Chocolates

They must be yummy things for you but for your furry pal a big ‘NO’ ‘NO’. Don’t feed your fur babies Halloween candies, snacks and especially chocolates as they contain ingredients that stand out to be toxic for animals.

2. Microchip, Collar & ID Tag

Never ignore the importance of microchip, collar and ID tag for your pet. As these items can turn out to be savior during the crisis, especially when the pet runs out the open doors while you’re having a Halloween time with trick-or- treaters. Keep an eye on your pet and ensure that the information on microchip, collar and ID tag are all up-to-date.

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3. Glow Sticks & Glow Jewelry

Those glittery, flittery, and glowing things should absolutely be OUT OF SIGHT of your fur dolls. WHY? Like human babies, pets are also attracted to glowing things and can choke/harm themselves while playing with stuff. Moreover, the glowing sticks contain liquid that tastes really bad and can turn to be harmful as your pet may salivate excessively or act strangely.

4. Halloween Costumes & Party Wears

Looking for Quirky, Tight-Fit or Hanging Frills Halloween costumes for your pet? Cut down on these choices and look for costume that fits properly and is comfortable for your pet. Ensure that the costume does not have any loose ends or bangs hanging around that your pet may end up chewing.

Also take care that the Halloween wear doesn’t interfere your pet’s hearing, sight, breathing, or mouth movements. Take time to select the cool costume that makes your pet’s day on Halloween. Well, when your pet is wearing the Halloween costume, don’t miss to supervise them.

5. Halloween Celebrations & Stress, Anxiety

Finding your pet wary of strangers, behaving strangely due to all the scary, creepy Halloween sounds due to celebrations, or showing the tendency of falling sick? Then get on your toes and arrange a separate room for your furry friend. Normally, some pets feel anxious and stressed out of such celebrations. If you’re aware of such conditions in your pet, it is better to prepare a cozy haven for them in advance far from the main celebrations.

Keep your furry pal away in a comfy area of your house where there is less noise, with windows shut. Also try natural remedies like homeopathic anxiety treatments or treat with tablets like Anxitane. You can even buckle up Adaptil collar around them before a few days ahead of Halloween so that they can adjust to such challenging situations.

Well, let’s watch on these stuffs and ensure that your furry friends have the best time during Halloween celebrations. And, amid this COVID pandemic, ensure that you avoid huge gatherings and public parties especially with your pet for the safety measures for both you and your lovable companions.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.