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This struggle is real – when you miss those puppy eyes, cute face and a lick on your hand.

To commemorate the special moments of your pet, World Pet Memorial Day is dedicated as a special holiday and an opportunity to celebrate the lives of your pet that have a place in your heart and memories. One of the hardest things in life is saying goodbye to a beloved pet. Nevertheless, there are some unique ways that can help you honor the memories of your pet.

1. Pen Down a Letter

Pet leaves us with those memories that never get away and still in their absence, you yearn for their companionship. Rather than ignoring those feelings just pour down your heart’s emotions on the white space. Think that somewhere your pet is going to read it, so just pen it down.

2. Collage        

Snaps with your furry pal are the best moments captured for life. Why not collect those special moments and collage it into one big frame to hang it around your favorite wall to remember and show how earnestly you miss them. This way you have a special token with all memories at one place.

3. Pet Memorial Garden – A Unique Remembrance

Planting a memorial garden is a unique way to not only remember your pet but to also keep him alive with the shades of trees and fragrance of flowers. A big or a small garden can do. Needless to say, you can even just plant one flowery pot in your pet’s remembrance. A plant – an essence of life, helps you cherish life and remember your furry pal on a positive node.

4. Volunteer in Your Pet’s Name

Shelter homes and rescue centers are full of rescued animals and are always in need of volunteers who can help them out. So, why not donate your time and volunteer at animal shelter homes in your pet’s remembrance. You can help them in numerous ways ranging from administrative work, organizing special charity events to going on rounds to feed the animals in the shelter.

5. Donate In Your Pet’s Name

Many local groups working for animal rescue are always looking for donations. You can obviously help them by donating some amount in honor of your pet. Taking a step further, you can even donate essential pet supplies including flea and tick treatments, wormers and joint care to pet food, old towels and blankets, etc. Well, donations can be anything apart from monetary funds.

6. Frame A Special Photo – Special Moment of Your Dog with You on a Wall Photo

Moments with your dog are indelible and framing one to put it on a display is one best thing you can do on this pet memorable day. Get that one special photo that mean a lot to you and frame it. Put it in your home so that you can see your pet’s happy face every single day.

7. Adopt A Pet – Unusual But Worth Trying!

It will never be that easy to erase those beautiful memories but it can be a way easier to relive every moment you had with your pet by adopting one. Giving a healthy and quality lifestyle even to one pet can mean a lot to your pet that is still there in your memories. In a sublime manner, it’s good to adopt a pet in remembrance of your pet and strive to provide him/her the best life that you always wanted for your lovable companion.

For some, it may be sad thinking about their pets but for many remembering their fur buddies matter a lot. No matter which way you observe this World Pet Memorial Day, cherishing them in your memories will always ensure that your pet is still there for you.


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.