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Coronavirus pandemic has made our lives topsy-turvy leading to a new change and bringing in a NEW NORMAL.

Recently, a short study has been conducted by a famous animal healthcare foundation. It reveals that the 74% of pet owners would rather love to be with their furry companions compared to binge watching NETFLIX. Similarly, for most pet owners, cuddling with their furry pals is more enjoyable rather than being with a book. This simply shows that the love for the pets hasn’t changed however much the difficult situation we may pass through.

short study has been conducted by a famous animal healthcare foundation

A recent survey also states that during quarantine, pets have the most indispensable entity that has helped many owners to pass through tough times of the Novel Coronavirus.

Additionally, here are some of the major facts from the reports.

About 58% people said that their companion animals have helped decrease their anxiety and stress caused due to loneliness during the quarantine period. And, they also supported their pet parents to fight against the stress and fear of the COVID pandemic.

Nearly 53% said their pets have made them less lonely and added to their happiness. They felt more lovable due to their furry companions and they gave them new hope to continue to stay strong.

Around 25% reported that walking their dog is the main form of exercise they have gotten during the pandemic period helping them to stay healthy both physically and mentally. This also helped to improve their immunity to fight against the novel virus.

More than 40% claimed that as every cloud has a silver lining, same as the quarantine period has its golden lining opening up the opportunity for spending more time with their lovable fur companions.

When asked individually about their preferences about how would they like to spend their time in quarantine, the results were quite surprising.

 The Percentage Rating  Quarantine with
 34% Pets
 9% Family
 01% Roommates
 10% Kids
 37% Significant Other
 04% Friends
 03% By Themselves

Quarantine period is seemingly quite difficult to pass but as individuals state the period passed by easily due to their furry companions. Around 60% claim that their pets have been their lifeline during the self-isolation period and have given them much needed emotional support helping them to maintain their mental state.

Final Thoughts

It is tough to pass through the period of quarantine where one has to be all alone striving to overcome the loneliness, stress, and anxiety due to the prevailing fear of COVID-19. But doctors and health workers state that the quarantine period can be passed with the support of few things and these are must-haves that can help them a lot.

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Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.