A Renowned legend, Frontline Plus has been a product that’s been ruling the flea and tick treatment market for over one and a half-decade now. Pets and their parents have accepted and trusted this product and made this one of the highest selling products every year. But even the most celebrated products have some shortcomings. […]

Summer Tick Treatments To Consider For Canines

The heat and humidity have made their way into our homes which brings the uncalled infestation of parasites like fleas and ticks. Pet parents are always in a search of efficient treatments that could save their pets from ticks and the diseases that they bring. In case of ticks, it is better to be proactive. […]

K9 Advantix Vs Frontline Plus Vs Advantage- Make A Better Choice This Summer

Wouldn’t it be more comfortable and hygienic if your pet is flea free when you cuddle? All pet parents just love to lie down with their pets irrespective of the seasons. Summers have started showing its bright colors and this season can be really difficult for pet parents as it takes extra efforts to take […]