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“Dogs are man’s best friend”, as the old adage goes, and we couldn’t agree more. Who doesn’t want to be friends with someone who is loyal, compassionate, kind, caring and understanding? Our four-legged friend possess all these qualities, and they also serve us multiple health benefits. They also have the ability to pull us out of blues and be the fur to lie on whenever we need.

There are umpteen other reasons why your furry friend is the best. While it is almost impossible to pen down why dogs are the best friends for humans, on this “National Best Friends Day (8th June, 2021)” we have tried to list up a few reasons to cherish their existence, and some fun ideas to celebrate the day with them. We are certain that by the end of this post, you will appreciate your paw-buddy even more, or if you don’t have one, you will consider having one!

7 Reasons Why Dogs are Man’s Best Friend

The bond between dogs and humans is way too old. Dogs have been our friends for thousands of years. Although canines are descendants of wolves, humans have turned them into docile pets over years by providing them shelter, food and compassion. And so, humans and dogs share a symbiotic relationship. Refer to this quick rundown of why they make the best friends and tell us if you too agree on it.

1. They Offer Unconditional Love

Dogs are not just pets to their owners; they become an integral part of their family. These bundles of fur shower us with love in abundance and don’t expect anything in return. That unconditional love they give us, and the tail-wagging on seeing their people is an incredible part of their friendship. Aren’t these four-legged animals the best at offering selfless affection, when it’s so hard to come by these days?

2. Once A Fur Buddy, Always A Fur Buddy

During our life time, we make so many friends, but the truth is they are not constant. Whereas, if you have a pet best friend, they will never leave your side. When you’re sad, they make you feel better and when you’re happy, they make you happier.

3. They’re Smart-Paws    

Oh yes, you can literally show-off when you’ve a smart BFF. Dogs aren’t just considerate and loyal but they are completely intelligent as well. They can fetch things for you.  They have got that sense of humor; they can crack you up with their crazy deeds. They can even impress your crush or occasionally be your wingman, but not to forget, they can sneak up behind your back and chew up your favorite floaters while still acting innocent.  

4. They Don’t Hold Grudges

Humans, generally, hold grudges forever when they’re disappointed. On the other hand, dogs never do so. You can annoy them to your heart’s content and still they’ll forget it all. You can mess with them for fun, but they’ll come wagging their tails in no time!

5. They Can Do Anything for You

You would have surely come across many stories where pets save their owners from dangerous circumstances and even put themselves at a risk just to help. That is yet another reason why our bond with them is so strong as we know they would go great lengths for their friend aka you.

6. They Want You to Stay Fit

These are the workout partners who’ll never ditch you unlike your human friends. They will push you to take them for a walk even when you’re lazy. Not only dogs help us stay physically fit, but they also take care of our emotional well-being.

7. The Deal Breaker: They Will Just Make Your Life Better and Even Better

When you adopt a pet, they come with an unspoken guarantee that they will make your life even better. By being their natural selves, they will bring more joy and content to your life. There’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t make these furry friends your best friends for life.

How To Make National Best Friends Day Special with Your Special Friend?

Now, you probably don’t need any more reasons why dogs are man’s best friend, but you might need some ideas on how to spend National Best Friends Day with them.

Here are a few things you can do to make it special with your little furry friend:

  • Take them out on a trip
  • Watch a movie together
  • Go swimming
  • Gift their favorite toys
  • Stock up on treats
  • Enjoy a bed and breakfast at home or in a pet-friendly hotel
  • Organize a dog photoshoot
  • Throw a pup-party
  • Book a grooming session
  • Gift them a pet-insurance
  • Take them on a Coffee date (Starbucks for Puppuccino)
  • Replenish their Preventive Treatments

Plan an unforgettable day with your furry best friend and make it more special by doing the above things.  National Best Friends Day is the perfect time to appreciate your pets for always being there for you and to show them how you cherish their friendship!

We wish you a Happy National Best Friends Day to you and your furry best friend!


Jesse McDaniel is an animal activist that raises concerns and spreads awareness regarding pet health issues. She is also a self-proclaimed pet lover who tends to support many pet shelters, assisting them with supplies and medical aid on a regular basis.