Nuheart Generic Heartgard for Small Dogs upto 25lbs (Blue)

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Nuheart Generic Heartgard  for  Small Dogs upto 25lbs (Blue)

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Nuheart prevents heartworm larvae to develop into adult heartworms. This safeguards your canine from heartworm infestation and diseases spread by it. Being a generic treatment, it is highly affordable and reliable. Nuheart is available for all sizes and breeds of dogs. Adult dogs and puppies older than 6 weeks of age are safe to treat with Nuheart.

Nuheart Generic Heartworm Preventative

Manufactured by Pharmachem, Nuheart is an affordable alternative to Heartgard. The key ingredient used in Nuheart is Ivermectin, the same as Heartgard. As it contains the same active ingredient, Nuheart has a similar effectiveness as Heartgard. This meat flavored tablet is easy to administer to dogs due to its tastefulness. This monthly treatment is an economical option to guard your canine’s heart. Before starting with this heartwormer, it is strictly recommended to get your dog checked for heartworm infestation. It is not safe to administer Nuheart if the dog is already infected with heartworms.

Manufacturer Pharmachem
  • Nuheart is a generic version of Heartgard
  • Not as costly as Heartgard is
  • Has Ivermectin as its key ingredient, the same as Heartgard
  • Highly effective heartwormer
  • Nuheart does not let the heartworm larvae to grow and stops its infestation
  • Being an oral treatment with meat flavor, it is easy to administer to dogs
  • Get your canine checked up for heartworm infestation.
  • Start treating your canine only if he is not infected with heartworms.
  • Weigh your dog and select the pack according to his weight range.
  • Administer one tablet directly into the mouth.
  • If your pooch does not cooperate, dissolve in a small amount of water and add it to his food.
  • Ensure all the food is consumed by your pet.
  • Administer Nuheart every month for continuous protection from heartworms.


Packet colour

Dog Weight

Dog Size



0-24 lbs


1 tablet once a month


24-50 lbs


1 tablet once a month


50-100 lbs


1 tablet once a month


Over 100 lbs

Extra Large

Combination of the tablets

  • Not safe for puppies younger than 6 weeks.
  • Consult your vet before starting with Nuheart treatment.
  • Get your dog tested for heartworm infestation. Start the administration only if he is not infected with heartworms.
  • Do not overdose.
  • Store below room temperature.
  • Keep the pack away from pets and children.
  • Caution: Collies including Border Collies and other breeds are sensitive to Ivermectin. Please consult your vet before giving this treatment or look for alternatives to Ivermectin for the treatment of parasites.

  • Ivermectin
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Nuheart Generic Heartgard for Dogs

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Must try

Simply amazed by the effectiveness of this product

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Good for pet Health

Nuheart wonderly well for my pet

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Karen Harbord
Quality for price

Same quality as the name brand but at a much better price

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Susanne Gillem
Fast shipping!

Received my order very quickly and no hassle!

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Beverly Jackson
Generic heartworm meds

Love that you have this generic heartworm med! Thanks!

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Is this safe for pregnant and lactating females?
Yes it is, But talk to your Vet before giving it to your Pet.
| Aug 03, 2022
(17) | (4)
is this a hard or soft pill
It's a tablet
| Feb 15, 2022
(17) | (4)
Do you sell flea medicine?
| Feb 07, 2022
(17) | (4)
does this product help with round and hook worms also?
| Jan 30, 2022
(17) | (4)
Can you order this by itself or is a vet necessary?
| Aug 09, 2021
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