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Valuheart For Small Dogs 0-22 lbs Blue

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Valuheart For Medium Dogs 23-44 lbs Green

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Valuheart For Large Dogs 45-88 lbs Gold

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Valuheart Heartworm Tablets for Dogs

Valuheart tablets for dogs are a generic version of heartgard tablets with same active ingredients. It is a highly effective treatment for preventing heartworm diseases in canines. It does not treat other parasitic infections but can be combined with any flea and tick treatment. Valuheart is an affordable heartworm prevention treatment for all sizes of dogs.

Manufactured by Value Plus, Valuheart tablets for dogs eliminate heartworm diseases by killing the larval form of Dirofilaria Immitis. Made up of active ingredient ivermectin, these tablets are an affordable treatment for preventing heartworm infection in dogs. It saves the treated pet from discomfort and health problems due to these deadly worms.

It kills heartworm larvae called microfilaria by attacking its muscle and fat tissues. It thus saves the pet from fatal heart and lung diseases. Safe for puppies (6 weeks and older), adult dogs, stud dogs and breeding or pregnant females, these tablets are a sure shot heartworm prevention for all breeds and sizes of dogs. 

Manufacturer Value Plus
  • Effective heartworm prevention for 6 weeks and older puppies and dogs.
  • Kills heartworm larvae and thus saves the pet from fatal heart and lung diseases.
  • Kills the larval form of infected pet a month back.
  • Prevents re-infestations by remaining effective for a month.
  • It can be clubbed with any flea treatment without any consequences.
  • Affordable heartworm prevention treatment.
  • Suitable for puppies, adult dogs, breeding and pregnant females.
  • Available for all sizes of dogs.
  • It is important to get your pet diagnosed with heartworm infection. If the test is positive then treat it first before starting Valuheart tablets.
  • Valuheart is available in different color-coded packs categorized as per the weight of the dog. Weigh your pet and select the appropriate pack. Refer Package table for details.
  • Administer the tablet once a month and repeat every month on the same date. Make sure the pet finished full dose. Combination of tablets can also be given to extra large dogs.
  • Give to puppies 6 weeks of age, adult dogs, stud dogs, breeding, pregnant and nursing mothers. Consult a veterinarian for any lapse in dose.


Dog weight

Dog Size

Package Color

<= 22 lbs



23-44 lbs



45-88 lbs



  • Do not give to dogs allergic to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not treat puppies younger than 6 weeks of age.
  • Get your pet tested for existing heartworm infection before starting Valuheart.
  • Highly safe for all sizes and breeds of dogs. 

Caution:Collies including Border Collies and other breeds are sensitive to Ivermectin. Please consult your vet before giving this treatment or look for alternatives to Ivermectin for the treatment of parasites.



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Amy Wing
Good price

Great product price

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Caden Verified Customer
Great Product

It Is A Great Heartworm Protection And Will Prevent Your Pet From All Stages Of Heartworms

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Irene Coleman

Very satisfied

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Atlas Verified Customer
Great Product

It Is A Great Product To Save Your Pet From Heart-Worms

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Francine Acciarito

This is a great company!

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Have A Question?
How many mg in each tablet of valuheart?
up to 22lbs: Ivermectin – 60µg (micrograms) 23-44lbs: Ivermectin - 120µg (micrograms) 45-88lbs: Ivermectin - 240µg (micrograms)
| Aug 20, 2021
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How can I treat my 95 pound dog?
For dogs over 88 lbs body weight, another ½ tablet can be given for each additional 44 lbs of body weight.
| Aug 20, 2021
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How many mg per tablet for each dog size?

Small Dogs - BLUE  up to 22lbs: Ivermectin – 60mg

Medium Dogs - GREEN 23-44lbs: Ivermectin - 120mg

Large Dogs - GOLD  45-88lbs: Ivermectin - 240mg

| Jul 21, 2021
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