Profender Medium Cats (0.70 ml) 5.5-11 lbs

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Profender Medium Cats (0.70 ml) 5.5-11 lbs

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Profender for Cats

Intestinal worms are the worst enemies of cats damaging their health. It is essential to deworm them and protect their health from infestation. Profender for cats is an effective treatment that kills and treats all types of internal parasites. Just in one application, it completely removes worms and prevents further infestation. Given on a regular basis, Profender ensures good health for cats free from worms.

Profender Wormers for Cats

A topical solution – Profender is a powerful treatment to control hookworms, whipworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. The ready-to-use tubes effectively treat in just one application. The active ingredients completely eradicate intestinal parasites and prevent re-infestation. This deworming solution controls broad-spectrum gastrointestinal worms.

Manufacturer Bayer
  • Effective topical treatment for worm infection in cats
  • Works wonderfully with just one application only
  • Scientifically proven and safe to use
  • Easy to administer treatment
  • Treats all types of intestinal worms including hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, and tapeworms
  • One tube of Profender is for one-time application.
  • Remove one tube from the package.
  • Properly part the hair on the back of the cat’s neck at the base of the head, until skin is seen.
  • Remove the cap and break open the seal.
  • Place the tip of the tube on the skin surface and squeeze the entire contents directly on the skin.
  • Take care to apply only on skin surface without touching hair.
  • Repeat the treatment after 30 days if re-infection occurs.
  • For regular protection from worm infestation, treat with Profender at an interval of three months. 

Dosage table:

Cat Weight

Pack Color


Tube strength (mg emodepside and praziquantel)

2.2 – 5.5 lbs

Green box (0.35 ml)

Apply whole content of 1 tube once

7.5 mg emodepside (=2.14%) and 30 mg praziquantel (=8.56%)

5.6 - 11 lbs

Orange box (0.70 ml)

Apply whole content of 1 tube once

15 mg emodepside (=2.14%) and 60 mg praziquantel (=8.56%)

11.1 – 17.6 lbs

Purple box (1.12 ml)

Apply whole content of 1 tube once

24 mg emodepside (=2.14%) and 96 mg praziquantel (=8.56%)

Over 17.6 lbs

Treat with appropriate combination of tubes

  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Profender is only for topical use.
  • Do not use in breeding, pregnant, and lactating queens.


  • Not safe to use in cats less 8 weeks of age or weighing less than 2.2 lbs (1 kg).
  • Profender is not applicable for oral or parental administration.


  • In cats, this topical treatment may cause hair loss, diarrhea, excessive grooming, salivation, lethargy, and tremors in rare cases.
  • Consult a vet if the above conditions exist for longer time.
  • Emodepside
  • Praziquantel
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Profender for Cats

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Loved It

Covers all major parasites...I love this for our dog leo!

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great price great product

Profender protects by dogs from various kinds of parasites

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Amy Querry


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Jessica Ohler
Cheaper than ordering from a vet

Ordered for my cats . Very easy to order. Only took a couple of weeks to arrive in Missouri.

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Stacey Flowers

Easy order / fast ship! Highly recommend!

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can you apply where you usually put flea med back of neck. will it interrupt treatment from flea med
Yes, Profender for cats can be used in conjunction with a topical flea treatment but it is recommended to apply these products two days apart rather than both on the same day or same time.
| May 12, 2022
(17) | (4)
Do you need a prescription for this
| Nov 09, 2021
(17) | (5)
If you haven’t actually seen worms but want to use as a preventative, is Profender safe to use?
| Jul 21, 2021
(17) | (4)
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