Activyl For Large Dogs 44 – 88 lbs

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Activyl For Large Dogs 44 – 88 lbs

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Activyl for dogs is a one-time monthly spot-on treatment that kills adult fleas and prevents re-infestations. It kills adult fleas within 8 hours of application and actively attacks flea larvae for four weeks. This waterproof solution is a safe flea treatment for 8 weeks and older puppies and dogs. Quick to dry and easy to apply, Activyl is a highly effective flea treatment for puppies and dogs.

Activyl for dogs is a fast-acting flea treatment that kills adult fleas and flea larvae in dogs. It gives strong protection against fleas for a span of four weeks. With adulticidal and larvicidal properties, the active ingredient, known as Indoxacarb, kills adult fleas within 8 hours and eliminates flea larvae for an entire month.

Manufactured by Merck Animal Health, Activyl topical treatment kills parasites through the method of bioactivation. The method involves activating Indoxacarb through the flea’s own enzymes. Once activated, it destroys fleas and larvae by impeding nerve transmission, paralyzing, and finally kills the parasites.

Manufacturer Merck
  • Kills fleas within 8 hours
  • Attacks flea eggs and larvae and stops parasite multiplication
  • Highly effective waterproof treatment
  • Prevents flea re-infestations
  • Assists in treating Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)
  • Excellent odorless topical treatment

Activyl for dogs comes in five color-coded packs categorized as per the weight of dogs. Blue for puppies and toy dogs, Rust for small dogs, Pink for medium dogs, Magenta for large dogs, and Purple for extra large dogs. For more details, kindly refer to the dosage table.

Part the fur between the shoulder blades of the pet until the skin is visible. For small dogs, apply at only one spot while for larger dogs apply at 2-3 spots across the backbone of the dog.

To apply, place the tip of the opened pipette on the skin and squeeze out the liquid until the applicator is empty. For large dogs, distribute equally at different spots.

Allow the area to be dry and do not bath the pet for the next 24 hours. Do not apply on pregnant and nursing female dogs. Consult a veterinarian before treating weak, debilitated, and sick pets.


Dog Size

Dog Weight


Puppies/Toy dogs

4.1 - 14 lbs

1 applicator with 0.51 ml/0.02 fl oz

Small dogs

14.1 - 22 lbs

1 applicator with 0.77 ml/0.03 fl oz

Medium dogs

22.1 - 44 lbs

1 applicator with 1.54 ml/0.05 fl oz

Large dogs

44.1 - 88 lbs

1 applicator with 3.08 ml/0.1 fl oz

Extra large dogs

88.1 - 132 lbs

1 applicator with 4.62 ml/0.16 fl oz

  • Do not use on puppies younger than 8 weeks of age.
  • Avoid children and pets to play or groom the treated pet until the application site is dry.
  • Avoid any contact with pet’s eyes and mouth.
  • Prevent the pet from licking the application site as ingestion of Activyl is harmful.
  • Ingestion may result in excessive salivation, abnormal shaking of head, licking of the face, and squinting.


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Activyl for Dogs

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Margaret Gibson
Canine pharmacy products

Thanks for filling my orders promptly and at a great price. I had issues with a mail pharmacy for pets in the States during the Pandemic. Canada Pet Care always came through for me and my dog Loki.

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Leonel Verified Customer
Great Product

This Monthly Spot-On Is A Great Product To Prevent My Dogs From Flea And Ticks.

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Kimberly Miller
Wonderful to keep fleas off

Fast shipping great prices good products

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Pete Verified Customer
Classy Treatment

Activyl Is Classy. Top Treatment.

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4 Pack Activyl

Purchased The 4 Pack Activyl. And Guess What, It Was A Brilliant Decision.

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Can this be used on smaller dogs?
The recommended dose for dogs is 15 – 66 mg indoxacarb/kg bodyweight, equivalent to 0.077 – 0.34 mL/kg bodyweight. For use in dogs from 8 weeks of age only.
| Jul 22, 2021
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